There Is No Magic Pill To Marketing A Website

No Magic Pill

Creating a search engine marketing strategy for yourself or your client does not require a hair pulling session. You just have to really step into the shoes of your audience and really try to anticipate what they might be doing online.  I know that sounds easier said than done but it all comes down to relevancy and keep things strategic for any business. When thinking about starting a marketing plan for you try thinking about a blended marketing approach utilizing everything the internet has to offer. There is a lot out there that people can use yet they still hunt for that magic pill. There is no magic pill to marketing your business online. It takes hard work and dedication with an eye on the prize mentality to get the job done right.

Put It On Paper (Digital Paper That Is)

Start by really being able to visualize your internet marketing strategy. Get yourself a nice brand spanking new Excel spreadsheet and label out 6 or 12 months so you can really see what will be done every single month. A great search engine marketing campaign usually has very clean and tight organization throughout the entire campaign. Keep your excel spreadsheet as your base camp for everything that you do online and you will have a much better success rate than just shooting from the hip every month.

Segment Your Spreadsheet

When putting together a plan of attack think about the diversity of that campaign.

A typical SEO marketing strategy for me looks a lot like this:

  • PR Writing & Distribution
  • Article Writing & Distribution
  • Niche Business Directories
  • General Business Directories
  • Blog Commenting
  • Location Based Profiles
  • Social Media Based Profiles
  • Video Sharing Profiles
  • Twitter Directories
  • Blog Directories

I take this type of approach and really mix things up every month for any online marketing plan that I am taking on keeping things strategic at all times. In today’s online market place it really requires a strategic and blended approach to create any successful online marketing campaign. A hefty dose of all of these search marketing efforts spread out over a period of time so everything looks natural is my process to market a website. Is it the only process? No, many have their own approaches that work for them. Now you can turn up or down the heat depending on how aggressive you want to approach the online space but in today’s business economy you want to really it the ground running. The online space is busier and busier every single day so don’t waste any time turning the heat down.


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