When Did Online Sharing Become So Important?

Online Sharing


At some point in time we as a society have decided that it is fun to share stuff online through the web. It doesn’t matter what we are sharing as long as we are sharing something throughout our social networks. Whether it was the fact that we just ate lunch or a great industry editorial piece we have been writing sharing became the new norm in online behavior and continues to be the norm in content marketing. Sure some people take it to a whole new level sharing a bit too much if you ask me while some have not conducted it enough to try and grow their own business.


Why do we share anything online?


Content has always played a rather large role in the online marketing area for websites but since Twitter and Facebook have steam rolled their way onto the scene things have only become a bit more fierce than usual. We share information now because we can do it much easier and the results can often times be very rewarding for a business or an individual. All it takes is one great article for a journalist or a business to make it into the right spotlight and they become an industry player overnight. Does it happen that easily?  It sure doesn’t and for some it will never happen. Spreading information around online allows a person or business to also build a brand for themselves as they share their content through a variety of networks.


Sharing is being social team player


Online sharing is not just about pushing your own content around but also helping others. Sharing is the process of also pushing others information around because the social media space is all about building a community and scratching others backs. You don’t want to just share your own content and information over and over because eventually it just seems like too much self promotion. Some of the biggest and strongest brands who have a large social reach don’t just focus on sharing their own material but also help spread others information to reach other new audiences they might not have been able to reach out to with just their content. The social space is all about being “social” and you can’t be social without communicating about others as well.


What is the future of online sharing?


I think it is something that is never really going to slow down. Social sharing is only growing in speed and power and we see it everyday in the headlines throughout our global news sources. Everything from the technology that follows us everywhere we go to the easy to use websites where we can share just about anything. Every business should be embracing the aspect of online sharing because it can really strengthen the visibility of a person or a business online. Taking the right approach to your online content sharing campaign could allow your business to propel into a whole new light, a light that allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field. Take the time to think about how you share your content online. Do you take a community driven approach or do you just move around your own content? Sharing is caring so show your audience and your peers that you are somewhat a team player. That doesn’t mean you have to go and help your competition but moving an article for an industry leading news source in your space certainly will not results in anything negative.


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