The Art Of Building Links

Regardless of what you might think building links to your website at some point is a very important step if you truly want to start ranking in the search results. There are really two types of approaches when it comes to link building and depending on what type of mentality you have with your online marketing will determine what type of approach you want to take with your SEO marketing. You either realize that all communication online is strategic and you should always build anything online using some sort of marketing sense and business mind or you are the opposite of that and take a very mathematical approach to building links. Personally I don’t think a mathematical approach to marketing yourself online is always the best because marketing yourself online in today’s day in age is all about branding yourself and growing your business wearing a marketing hat.

Building links is sort of like a craft. Over time you understand a bit more what it takes to build and grow those links and you realize that some are a bit easier to acquire than others.Here are some ways to build links:

Press Releases

Do you have something news worthy happening at your business or organization? Write some PR and distribute it.


Position yourself as an industry expert and start writing some articles your community could benefit from. Distribute them through free sources and make sure to always include a link in the author section.

Business Profiles

There are many websites out there that allow you to build some business profiles for your place of business. Don’t worry about whether the link is followed or not followed. A link is a link and the profile will rank for your name helping you brand yourself online.

Social Networking Profiles

Social networking is a must in today’s market place and even the less popular networks need your visibility. Even though nobody is really using MySpace you should still launch a profile and put a link in the about section.

Company Widgets

Maybe you are a business that would benefit from creating a widget that others could place on their home page. Do this one the right way and you could see your link building sky rocket very quickly.

Blog Commenting

Find blogs for your industry and leave some comments behind on blog posts with a link back to your website. Remember to always leave an educated comment behind for others to read so you are adding to the conversation.

Location Based Business Profiles

Location based marketing like Foursquare and Gowalla are very important to apply to your business. This is the future of local marketing.

Online Videos

Put some company videos together and distribute them through all your social video networks.

Viral Marketing

This one is very important because the right viral marketing campaign could very easily put you on the map with your business. A viral marketing campaign could get your entire industry buzzing and writing in their blogs leaving behind nice links to your website.

Niche Directories

If you knit sweaters and there is a sweater knitting directory you should be there.

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