A Website Needs to Communicate

Website Communication


A website is not just a website; it is a tool to help you communicate your business goals to your online audience in order to build and grow. A visitor should never be confused to exactly what it is that you do or how you can help them. When a person arrives to your website that visitor should be given the option of how they want to interact with your business. Whatever your business might be the communication is the most important aspect of your site.

Here are some ways you can give your audience the option to communicate with your audience:




If you own a service based business and your goal is to get your phone ringing than why would you not have your phone number on every page of your website in multiple locations? Your phone number should be clearly visible at the top, the middle and the bottom of each important page of your website. Give your audience multiple opportunities to contact you as they make their way through your website pages.


Lead Forms


Is your goal of your website to capture your audience’s information through an online lead form? Your lead form should not be hidden or on a random web page it should be visible in the content of all your important pages so that your audience does not have to look for it. If they suddenly have an interest in one of your services give them the opportunity to act on that impulse by having a lead form right there in front of them. Never make them hunt for it.


Conversion Examples


Here is a great example from Kissmetrics. You go to the blog you are immediately greeted with various ways to become a client. People love free resources especially if it will help them with their professional life.


Online Sales


Do you want to increase your online sales? Make it clear from the home page that you are an eCommerce website. Have related products and product group’s easily accessible right from other internal pages of your website. Have a location on each page where people can sign up for discounts and coupons in order to capture contact their information so you can reach out to them at a later date.

Website conversions require certain elements to be visible on your website at all times. Never make people look for anything when they arrive to your website. The path for them should be clearly laid out depending on what it is that you want them to do. If you follow these tips you will see a significant improvement of activity on your website.

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