5 Reasons Why You Should Write A Blog Post Everyday

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Writing a blog post has many different advantages depending on how you look at things. Whether you write every day or once per/week something is better than nothing and still has some advantages. At the end of the day however it is ideal to get a post into your blog that has some importance to your audience every single day.

Let’s go over some important reasons why it is crucial to write in your business blog everyday:


New Fresh Web Content


At the bare minimum each blog post written adds new fresh content to your website. Each post is nothing more than an article or an additional webpage being added to your website which is why it is important to really think of something to write in your blog. Put together a list of bullet points and ideas on topics you could be writing about that will help your audience in some way.

Search Engine Visibility & Rankings


If you structure your blog posts correctly and use some SEO techniques and efforts when you write there is a good possibility for your posts to start to rank in search engines over time. Depending on how busy the space is that you are writing in your blog posts could bring in some much targeted inbound web traffic to your website over time.


Social Media Marketing & Communication


This is probably one of the most important reasons why anyone should write in their blog on a daily basis.Social media marketing and blog posts go hand in hand when it comes to marketing a business. Each post can be leveraged in the social communities and the more quality blog posts a blog has increases the opportunity for additional targeted web traffic to find its way to your blog. If your blog is built how it should to convert you could find yourself with some newly found business or simply just additional actions happening on your website from your social media traffic.

Business Voice & Personality


All of a sudden your business now has a voice and the ability to showcase a personality. A website for a business at this point in time should just be a given but a blog can give your business a reason to distance itself away from your competition and really stand out. A blog can be used as a daily journal for your business audience to see and read ultimately allowing it to have a voice and a personality in your community.


Branding Power


It is no surprise that for any business online in today’s marketplace much needs to be done in order to successfully stand out from the crowd of competitors online. A blog can give a business a much needed boost in branding power when the power of the blog is harnessed and structured correctly.


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  1. Hi
    I have written a few more reasons regarding why we should blog more specifically startups.
    Here is the link. I invite you to read and let me know what you think about it.

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