5 Critical Mistakes Many New Website Owners Make

Critical Website Mistakes

Launching a new website today is not like launching a new website 5 years or even 10 years ago. Actually it is not even close. Things have changed quite a bit and often times new website owners really don’t understand the changes until a serious dose of experience has allowed itself to settle into the picture. Everyone who clearly understands how the pages of search work have probably made a few mistakes to get to where they are now, I have, most of you all have. Admit it.

Here are 5 critical mistakes new website owners often make:

Thinking Mass Submissions Will Grow a Business Online

Writing an article and paying someone overseas to re-write it into 10 versions and then submitting that article into a 1,000 different article directories is absolutely not going to grow your business in any possible way. Actually it might make your website move backwards if you understand how the search engines work. Do you really want your website to move backwards?

Looking For the Search Tricks & Loop Holes

There are no tricks with marketing a business online. It really comes down to being a good marketer and getting creative and utilizing all the resources that are available to everyone to your advantage. Trying to find loop holes online that might make your website stand out a little bit more is not going to lead to anything good for your website. The last thing you want is a penalty right out of the starting gate with the search engines. Removing a penalty once you have one is one project you don’t want to deal with.

Not Educating Yourself Enough

If you are going to be serious about marketing your business online a little bit of search engine education on your part will go a long way. If you even plan on trying to execute some of the efforts yourself it will take a little bit more than just a Facebook page, Twitter account and some keywords. There are many resources online to be able to find the best topics to read about in order to find the information that you need to make an accurate decision. Invesp has an amazing list of all the top blogs in the search marketing industry you could start learning valuable information from today.

Having Unreal Expectations

Growing a successful business online is going to take a bit longer than a month. Efforts like search engine optimization are long term efforts that take time to really start pumping how they should. With the ever growing busyness of the digital space competition is growing larger, wider and fiercer than they ever have been before. Be realistic about your potential growth online if you are getting started with a bootstrapped budget.

Relying On SEO from the Start

Don’t get me wrong we specialize in SEO but when launching a company online it is important to have multiple streams of traffic flowing into your website from the beginning. If you plan on sitting around and waiting for your SEO efforts to kick in it might take a little bit of time especially if your online search results are completely filled with competition. If you want to bump your competitors out of their parking spaces on page 1 it is going to take sometime.

One response to “5 Critical Mistakes Many New Website Owners Make”

  1. James says:

    Great article!! There are so many different SEO techniques out there, but with all social websites these days website owners need to understand that a link is a different thing in a search result from a link in a social media post, – search engines do treat links differently!

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