8 Differences Between A Brand And Just A Website

Brand Website Difference

There is no doubt about it the search space has changed quite a bit over the years especially when it comes to website marketing. Those who might have had a difficult time rolling with the punches over the years might find themselves down for the count right about now. It is really quite fundamental when you think about the digital chaos in its raw form. For those businesses who have been making an effort for the last decade they will be the first to tell you that things are certainly different in the online space. Once thriving niches are now inundated with web pages and articles often times leading to nothing but crap. Crap that makes a great deal of noise, clutter and distraction that your business has to fight whether you like it or not.

For Example:

If you were standing in the middle of a Justin Bieber concert before the concert started and yelled in the arena “New Kids On The Block were better!” chances are someone working in the arena or walking through might bump into your voice and hear you. Now if you did it while the concert was actually happening there is a good possibility that no one would hear you yell at all. That is sort of like the online space right now.

The reason is because there is so much going on around you and a good portion of your audience might be having a hard time paying attention to you for one reason or another. What are you going to do differently in order to stand out in front of your audience? Over the years it has become much more important to grow an actual brand rather than just a “website” because a brand is going to stick out and just having a website simply might not have enough strength to handle the needs in today’s online space. Everything online is now all about building a following and an audience that will listen to what you have to say.

Let’s brake down some of the important differences between an online brand and just having a website:


An Online Brand: Has the ability to tell and build a story and allow others to follow that story creating a group of fans.

A Website: Only has an “about us” section. Not very story like.


An Online Brand: Has a voice and a personality others can connect and relate to.

A Website: Just has “hits“.


An Online Brand: Has personality and flavor that people online thrive for.

A Website: Has images. Sometimes not even good ones.


An Online Brand: Has a following that continues to grow and listen.

A Website: Has unique visitors.


An Online Brand: Does not rely on search engine rankings to grow and prosper.

A Website: Relies on search engine rankings to grow and prosper.


An Online Brand: Offers substance and quality marketing material to its audience on a consistent basis.

A Website: Offers simply communication.


An Online Brand: Creates an audience that wants to receive communication from a business.

A Website: Forces communication onto its audience.


An Online Brand: Use every resource around them online to spread a positive business message.

A Website: Tries to identify loop holes and pounces on them.


Take a look around you at any business that is really thriving online right now. What do they all have in common? Online branding is what they have in common. In order to be successful online you need to have the perfect package. The perfect package has not just rankings but a brand following that is helping your company grow.

2 responses to “8 Differences Between A Brand And Just A Website”

  1. annetstone says:

    Outstanding post! I am forwarding to the president of my not-for-profit volunteer organization to explain why a quick fix of a logo/color scheme change is something we have exactly NO time for. My gratitude abounds.
    (oh p.s. minor typo on “Let’s brake down…” — should be break.. in 10 years you would think spell check would develop some context sensitivity, wouldn’t cha 😉

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