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Writing blog posts is a wonderful thing but blog posts never really go away. An important strategy that many content marketing campaigns exercise from time to time is revisiting old blog posts to see what can be tweaked and added to increase stickiness. If you are like us we write a decent amount of blog posts and we know that some older posts can often be strengthened with a revision to help build up some additional power to the ones that might already be bouncing around online.


How do I know which posts to go back to?


It depends on your overall SEM strategy but in this case Google analytics will be your best friend. By going through that traffic numbers for your website content it will give you a better understanding of what you can do to make older blog posts a bit better. With Google analytics you will be able to see posts that deliver generous traffic and you will see posts that are a bit on the quite side. This will give you a much better understanding on where you should start tweaking things.


How can I tweak out old posts?


There are a variety of things you can do to an old blog posts to help it get a bit more exposure you just have to put on your little marketing in order to get it done. We have listed a handful of different areas you can address if you should decide to visit old posts in your database.


Add a quality video


Hop onto your favorite video directory (most likely YouTube) and search around to see if there are any good videos discussing the topic that you wrote about. It can be a an expert speaking on a topic or even a news source discussing different events surrounding your area of writing. Pull the embedded code from the video if the author allows it and slap it into your old post. A video is a nice way to keep a visitor’s attention and keep that bounce rate down.


Add new content


Maybe the first time around when you wrote the post the content might have been a bit on the light side. Go back and try adding and refreshing the content to see if there are any other areas you could have addressed in the topic.


Think about interlinking


Interlinking between blog posts and possibly pages is a very important part of good quality search engine optimization. Think about any other like-minded blog posts you might have written after your post and try to link them together using strategic keywords within the copy. Interlinking has become a very robust SEO method that can help you deliver power across your posts.


Add a quote


Perhaps there was an influential figure in your business space that was quoted somewhere recently on a specific topic that would be great for the post you are looking to tweak. Grab the quote, cite the source and drop it into your content to give it some more stickiness. It might even get the attention of the source or the person giving the quote if you are lucky.


Check out your meta data


Most blogging platforms these days allow you to customize your post meta data. Take a look and see if your post has the right meta data that is accurate and strategic in helping your post move about the search space. Maybe it can use a little tweaking or rewriting to give it a bit more strength in the search space.


Re-target keywords


There are many ways you can conduct keyword research these days and it might make sense to take a look at older posts and try to identify some important targeted keywords relating to the content you can go back and sprinkle in throughout the post. Now with that said it is important to realize you can’t just unload a dump truck full of keywords. Strategy is the key!


Add some social flavor


Maybe you ran the post through your social media channels and maybe you didn’t but if it is a timeless piece go ahead and run it through all your social media channels again. Push the post through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and some social bookmarking channels to drive some new social power to the post.


Add new industry data


If the post is rather older (+1 year) you might be able to find some nice industry statistics or data that would really allow the post to be fresh with information.

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