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There are two things you should keep in mind when writing good blog content for your website, 1 is that copy should always be written first for humans and second for search engines. One thing you do not want to happen is to get so caught up in the SEO side of your writing that is becomes difficult to read from the user side. Don’t forget that writing requires some creative flow in order to keep your reader attracted and reading. Too much technical SEO in the writing can cause your readers to simply walk away from your content.

Here are some ways to create good search engine copy for your blog:

Conduct Keyword Research

You should always have some keyword research as a tool when you start conducting your writing. It is perfectly normal to include high usage keywords into your writing but you need to be supplied with the ammo prior to writing so you can do some preliminary brainstorming. Sure you could conduct keyword research as you go but it is sometimes easier to just do it prior so you can focus on your writing.

Use Original Content

I think this is probably a given but copying content from other sites is just wrong. If you see something you would like to quote and write and opinion on that piece that is one thing but to copy someone else’s content because you don’t feel like writing is not going to do anything for your blog, brand or your business. Search engines are starting to realize who wrote a piece of content first so if you want your material to rank this is simply a bad practice.

Link to Better Sources

Outbound links are just as important as inbound links. If you are writing about material that a more influential and powerful source might have touched upon it is OK to link to them. Search engines like to see external linking even if it might be to a competitor’s web site. From a search engine stand point it shows that you are a team player and you are willing to increase the overall user experience on your site regardless. At times you might be reward for this action.

Interlink Your Posts

Interlinking web pages and blog posts is just good SEO. If you have written similar topics in the past interlinking those posts will help strengthen your current posts by passing along power in between blog posts and pages. It will also help increase your overall user experience by showcasing some other posts related to the same topic they might enjoy reading.

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