+1 Google Button To Appear In Display Ads

Google + Button Display Ads

Google has been scrambling for some time now to incorporate an impactful social feature that actually grows and prospers and Google + has been their best attempt to date. So many efforts over the years have hit the cutting room floor but their latest attempt is certainly gaining some traction.

Google announced this week that their +1 button will start appearing in the Google display network as well.

“As we explained in our initial announcement several weeks ago, we believe that incorporating personal recommendations into display ads has the potential to change the way people view advertising. A display ad becomes much more powerful when people can see which of their friends and contacts have chosen to endorse it.

We’re working to add the +1 button and annotations to all eligible inventory over the next couple weeks. So while you might not see them immediately, we’re working hard to roll them out to all advertisers as quickly as possible.”

How will this change their display advertising?

Well Google is hoping that it creates a type of social connection with all audiences when it comes to advertising. Advertising is advertising but if you ad the social connection to it you can virtually change the way people look at certain ads.


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