How Mark Feels About the Google Facebook War

Facebook vs Google Social Fight

Have you ever noticed this crazy online war that occurs right in front of our eyes every single day? I am referring to these corporate giants like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and Apple (although Apple isn’t all online) they all have their boxing gloves on. There is no doubt about it, one of the bigger races is probably Google & Facebook and they are racing to become the giants in all things social media and online interaction.

The problem is that Facebook is already there and Google is really just trying to catch up right now. Facebook has reached a point where they simply don’t have to try anymore and Google + has to kick and scream to get their new Google + tool as mainstream as the Facebook wall. I will give it to Google though they have done pretty well with Google + up until this point. They have been trying for quite a while to showcase a social tool that can almost tie in all their products and provide a platform for social interaction and communication. Most have crashed and burned but I think this one will stick around and mature.

In this video on the Charlie Rose show Mark Zuckerberg is interviewed and they discuss their approach to building the user base in conjunction to how Google and others try to build there’s.

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