How 1 Tweet Saved A Bookstore

Twitter Success Story Video

Listen up folks, social media is important especially when it comes from the heart. There have been many success stories with Twitter over the years and that is primarily because the site really works when you use it for its intended purpose. In this new Twitter success video one tweet saved a bookstore in Portland from financial ruins. We all know that the little bookstores have been having a hard time making it by living in the shadows of stores like Barnes & Noble and the now deceased Borders.

After the son of the owners put together a blog post and tweeted to the Portland community he would purchase every single person that came into the store a free burrito for a certain amount of time the store literally ran out of books.

How did this happen?

Lots of heart and 1 single tweet that spread like the plague.

All you have to do is try. Enjoy the video.

Twitter Success Story Video

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