Google Analytics TV Episode #23

Google Analytics

If you are still not sure how to use your Google analytics data don’t worry it might just take some time to get acquainted with the data flow. The good news is that Google has a great Google Analytics YouTube Channel catered towards helping people understand different elements of their program by watching short helpful videos. Google realizes that not everyone will be able to just dive into their analytics program so some important education might be required. Who doesn’t like to watch videos?

In this video below the folks at Google discuss a variety of questions that user sent in which might help you on your website journey.

Here is a little recap summary of where the questions roll in directly from Google:

  • (0:35) Working with changes in various country‚Äôs cookie policies
  • (1:56) Recommendation for tracking bounces on content sites
  • (4:32) Tracking exit links from your website
  • (7:00) Tracking and reporting customer lifetime value
  • (9:47) Days to purchase vs time lag reports in multi-channel funnels
  • (11:48) Cross domain and sub-domain tracking using a GACP
  • (13:01) Funnel visualization via the API
  • (16:03) Interaction hits and impact on quota
  • (16:41) Tracking internal referrals / campaings / house ads
  • (17:51) Why visits and entrances are the same for page level custom vars
  • (19:54) Comparing mondays, week over week
  • (20:42) Time between setting profiles filers and seeing data in reports

Google Analytics Episode #23

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