Google Just Made Trust More Important

Google Trusted Stores

Moving forward with our recent blog posts surrounding the importance of building up your online trust Google recently rolled out a new initiative to help ecommerce sites build their trust in the eyes of their audience. Google has announced the Google Trusted Stores to help ecommerce sites capture the hearts and trust of their online shoppers.

Google designed this effort to help online shoppers identify shopping sources that can be trusted giving them the peace of mind to pull out their hard earned cash (or in this case their credit card) and continue with a purchase.

Here is how the program works

Google will allow certain merchants to participate in this new trust building program for free once they pass a certain criteria. Google will also offer a free purchase protection program to those who qualify for this program if there should be a situation where a customer is unhappy and the merchant is unresponsive to the shoppers requests. Each merchant will have a Google Trust Badge to display on their website letting their audience know that they are part of this Google program letting online shoppers know their reputation and as an eCommerce platoform .

Google Trusted Stores Video

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