Rewriting an Article 47 Times is Digital Puke

Digital Puke

There are SEO’s and there are SEO professionals, big difference. The industry is inundated with a variety of efforts, companies and individuals all pursuing dominance with Google & Bing hoping that their efforts push through the madness of the search engines. Over the years the definition of SEO has morphed quite a bit into something extremely different from what it was when it first started in the late 90’s. The evolution of the algorithm and the rise of social media have played pivotal roles in the world of search engine optimization.

The industry has seen it’s up and downs but I think we are surely on the up swing now. Google is really making some nice algorithm changes aimed at weeding out the crap approaches to marketing a business online.

Rewriting an article 47 times is not marketing, that is digital puke.

Here are 10 things a REAL SEO professional will never say:

Here is a small collection of quotes and phrases that a real SEO professional will most likely never say.

 “1,000 directories is great for SEO”

ehh not true. 1000 directories is pure rubbish. If you or someone you know is telling you that is the way to approach SEO given them a gentle slap on the mouth.

“We can get you to the top in two weeks.”

Maybe for the worlds most obscure keyword. The truth is competitive keywords take time to rank and you have to be patient. Non-competitive keywords can often gain visibilty quickly but truthfully, who cares?

“I guarantee you page 1 placement!”

There are only two things in life guaranteed, death and taxes. Remember that.

“We don’t need a plan, we can just wing it.”

Behind every great business model lies and even better plan of attack.

“I can’t tell you what I do, it is a secret.”

It is no secret. SEO comes down to marketing & branding your business utilizing all available avenues. The days of it being a secret sauce are completely over.

“Let’s just jam a boat load of keywords into your website”

Keywords are important but strategically. Jut shoveling them into your site is not going to do a damn thing for you but maybe get you a penalty.

“Rewriting an article 47 times works great for marketing!”

No it doesn’t.

“Google rarely gives out penalties.”

Bologna! They give out penalties all the time so be careful what you do. Follow Google SEO guidelines at all times.

 “SEO is not marketing.”

Bull shit. Anyone who thinks SEO is not marketing doesn’t really understand or know what the true meaning of SEO is all about.

” I am a Google partner so you are safe with me. I will just call them to push you up.”

Yes folks this line has actually been used by individuals. Do not fall for it no matter what you do. There is no such thing as calling Google because you are their partner.


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