Adios to the Old SEO Ways

Adios Amigos

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not what it used to be and I am saying that because it is a positive thing.  These horrendous approaches that just make you want to puke like purchasing 1,000 directory submission packages and re-spinning articles 47 times is not SEO, it is certainly not marketing and it is not cool.  Search engine optimization has changed quite a bit over the years and every little cultural change effects the way we market our digital voices using SEO methods.  The industry in some cases has been tarnished by hacks that approach the web from a science project mindset.

When our stock market boiled over in 2008 it caused many people to tighten their wallets and for the first time in a very long time people as a whole where starting to think a bit more before they spent their money. For some retailers and businesses this might have been a choking moment but I think it was a hallelujah moment.  What am I getting at? The point I am making is that having a brand has rather than just a “business” has always been important but it is now even more important than ever before.

Here are some important bullet points that some of the stronger companies are following in today’s shopping landscape to keep their profits growing and the customer base building.

  • Customer user experience (on and offline)
  • Strong online branding
  • Online audience communication (quality)
  • Clean robust websites
  • Strategic web marketing
  • Calculated social media strategy

Why is SEO Changing?

That’s easy, the world is changing.  The days of customers randomly bumping into internal web pages and whipping out their credit cards is almost over.  Searchers might bookmark your page or follow your Twitter account but these days the shopping community wants to hear your digital voice and see what else you have to say online.  Google has been incorporating personalized search & a boat load of algorithm tweaks into their search results more and more now which has certain other social networks in an uproar (clearing my throat, Twitter!).  Moving forward you will see your search results being infiltrated with friend recommendations from primarily Google+ which is why social communication is becoming even more important now than ever before.

How Do I Compete with the Changing SEO Landscape?

The answer is easy on our part but it might not be easy to comprehend on your part.  Let’s start by discussing the fact that social media is a huge component that is overhauling the way businesses communicate.  Up until this point it has made huge waves and those waves are not going to recede.  Look at this like a social media tsunami except these waves are here to stay (my apologies for anyone who has ever been caught in a tsunami).  Social media is an effort that is going to distinguish between those who care about being a dynamic business and those that do not care for it at all. If you have traditional methods of acquiring business that is great but keep in mind that at some point it will be 100% crucial to pull some of these new online methods to keep your business growing.

If you want to be successful in today’s digital landscape you must:

  • Be willing to roll with the punches
  • Stay in tune with Google changes
  • Be willing to not cut corners
  • Interact with your audience online
  • Think outside the box
  • Embrace social media not dismiss


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