How to Maintain a Blog with 15 Minutes Per/Day

15 Minutes Per Day

We speak with many people that claim they simply don’t have the time to maintain a company blog. I find this crazy in today’s business world because it is simply a must for any business to get involved in some sort of social media/content marketing activities if they want to strengthen their inbound marketing efforts. I think people just assume they need to spend hours upon hours every day to maintain a blog and that is just not the truth. Sure in the early days it might take some time for a writer to get their flow and voice down but once you learn the technology and find your groove blog writing will just come second nature.

Here are some ways a person can maintain a blog with just 15 minutes per/day:

Write about a video

I don’t need to tell you that there are a boat load of great videos bouncing around sites like YouTube. Almost all industries have some sort of industry video channels or sources you can find material from. Create a Google account and subscribe to any channels on YouTube that discuss your industry so you know when something new pops up. Watch the video, write your opinion on it and post it to your blog. It doesn’t have to be a long winded piece, 1 paragraph and you’re done, shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes total to execute a video recap post.

Write about an infographic

Infographics are everywhere right now. They have become very popular over the years and people still really enjoy reading them and also making them. A good infographic can really do wonders for link building. People love to spread them around once they see one they really like and it makes for a great blog post if done right. There are infographic directories out there you can comb through in order to find one that makes sense for your business. Copy and paste the infographic into your post, write a short opinion on the topic at hand and whallaa! You have new fresh blog post.


Some of the best offense is good defense. If you need to spend your 15 minutes per/day just brain storming do that. Something is better than nothing and it could leave you with a great list of ideas to write about. Spend your time keeping some sort of document where you jot ideas and blog post titles down so you can use as ammo in the near future.

Blog post writing does not have to require you spending hours and hours every day. If you just need a little bit of content to keep the traction going 15 minutes can really make a difference with your company blog. The last thing you want is potential customers to come to your website and see a blog that hasn’t been updated in months or even weeks.

2 responses to “How to Maintain a Blog with 15 Minutes Per/Day”

  1. Adam says:

    This is a great post. One of the things I like to do, because I LOVE music, is take a song that I like (or an artist) and bat around ideas about how I might work the song title or artist into a blog post of mine. It really helps me get thinking and it freshens up my blog so it’s not always about the nuts and bolts of marketing, but it’s a little bit more fun!!

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