Microsoft Research Determines Trust in Tweets [Carnegie Mellon Study]

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This is a pretty interesting piece of research that determines trust on Twitter. Microsoft Research & Carnegie Mellon University came out with this fantastic study that determines just such a thing.

We have been preaching for quite some time now about the importance of trust and authority in the online space not just the social media platforms. Once you have trust your marketing message and efforts work with much greater force but first you need to show the world you are 100% credible in your space.

Here is an important paragraph to get your mouth watering from the research:

“Factors influencing users’ perceptions of the credibility of  Web pages and earlier forms of social media (e.g., blogs and instant messaging) have been well-studied. Some influential factors for Web pages’ credibility perception, like visual design [21], are not relevant to tweets, while others, like conflating search engine ranking with credibility [15], may apply. The relative importance of features may vary for this new medium, as well; for instance, author credentials [18] may take on heightened importance, given the social nature of tweets.”
Here are some important ways to increase your trust on Twitter:
  • Make sure your website looks professional
  • Make sure your profile is filled out 100% with accurate information
  • Your logo should render correctly not pixelated and cut off
  • Keep your business message moving on more than one social platform
  • Whether you are a company or a business position yourself like a brand
  • Show a little personality in your tweets
  • Make sure you are a credible source, credibility is an increasingly important selling point
  • Respond to all inquires through Twitter

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