7 Horrible Examples of Requests for Search Engine Marketing

Just Horrible

I don’t mean to kick anyone while they are down but we think it is important to showcase a handful of horrible examples of other individuals and businesses requesting search engine marketing efforts to grow visibility. Search engines evolve drastically each year and many of these examples show the wide disconnect that still exists in the search engine marketing space. There is strategy and quality and there is something else. That something else is not going to help you grow.

From time to time we like to patrol sites like Elance and Guru to see what kind of projects people are requesting services for. Here is some of the worst cases we have come across recently.

Example #1

Horrible SEM Examples 1

$25.00 bucks for two websites? Seriously? Let’s start off by saying it is not just about rankings anymore but if you are going to hire a company that approaches SEO with some quality you are going to have to pay more than $25.00 a website. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank but consumers need to be realistic here. Companies spend significant time executing strategy and growing streams of inbound marketing and visibility for websites.

Example #2

Horrible SEM Examples 2

Where do I even begin with this one? Let’s first point out that no site on the planet is going to rank first for the term “Facebook” but Facebook itself. The fact that someone would even think that is possible just blows my mind and really does not understand how search engines work. I don’t expect everyone to understand search engines but some homework should be done if you are going to shop for SEM services.

Next, hours?? This is website marketing not a magic show for heaven’s sake. If you offer services that compliment Facebook you can certainly go after long tail service type keywords but to go after the term “Facebook” as number 1 is just ludicrous especially within hours.

Example #3

Horrible SEM Examples 3

Facebook Like’s occur when someone enjoys your brand. You can’t force it no matter how much you try. Sure you can buy shotty services that give your page the appeal of more like’s but if you want quality fans you need a quality business. The fact that someone would indicate they need this within 20 hours is also crazy.

Example #4

Horrible SEM Examples 4

More is not always more in search marketing. More traffic doesn’t mean success. There should always be some sort of strategy to the type of traffic that is ideal for your website.

Example #5

Horrible SEM Examples 5

For the most part this is not a completely bad request for search engine marketing services. There is one hang up we have with it, time. Search engine marketing takes time when conducting organic efforts. There is a lot of competition everywhere you look and you have to compete against that. If you want to dive into the search engine marketing territory you need to be willing to put the time into it.

Example #6

Horrible SEM Examples 6

Let’s first take a good look at the hourly rate indicated, $5 or less per/hour. Maybe during the 1940’s it was okay to pay someone $5 per hour (or less!) but not in 2012. What kind of marketing expertise and guidance are you going to be able to receive for $5 per/hour? I know small children that have lemonade stands that require more for payment.

Example #7

Horrible SEM Examples 7

Two words, science project. This is not website marketing, this is 100% science and science does not grow a brand online. Let’s for one second pull one of these ridiculous ingredients out of this request. 156 press releases?? The total cost they would like to spend is $200 for this entire menu. 156 press releases written and distributed is a rather large order never-mind the 741 social bookmarks wanted. This is insanity.

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