Web Marketing Ideas for My Gym

Gym Marketing Ideas

Marketing a gym is like marketing any other business. Since we are a internet web marketing provider we highly recommend taking a digital marketing approach along with various offline marketing ideas to really build a strong, robust multi-pronged marketing approach. Gym marketing success requires many different wheels spinning at the same time in order to attract attention on different levels.

Pumping out promotions in your local paper is great but what if your audience does not read the paper? What if your audience is sitting on the web searching for information surrounding different local gyms on sites like Google & Bing. Will you be visible when they do? If they do make it to your website, is it designed to wow them? Marketing a gym online is very visual and touches many different human senses. Your website and your brand has to release endorphin’s when your audience finds you online.

Search engine marketing is a must when it comes to promotional efforts for your gym. There are more people online searching every single day through mobile devices than ever before. We are going to discuss some ways you can leverage the web to attract new clientele & members through your doors. The web is powerful and you have to embrace it. It is not going away.


A Proper Website


We are not talking about something you slapped together on GoDaddy using their website builder tool. We are talking about a professionally designed and built website that truly captures your brand and your gym’s appeal. Your website is your brochure so you have to be willing to put in the time to build up the power of your site. It is also your digital sales person and your website needs to be able to stand on 2 feet and sell your gym for you.

Some features your website should have:

  • Well branded logo
  • Responsive design so it renders correctly on mobile devices
  • The ability for web traffic to sign up to your newsletter
  • Lots of great images showcasing your gym
  • Employee profiles so people understand your gym is friendly
  • A blog you can update with news & events occurring in your gym
  • Member testimonials
  • Videos showcasing your gym

Onsite SEO


Proper onsite SEO can give your website the ability to rank for search terms that are geographically located to where your physical gym stands.

For example:

Search term: Salem NH Gyms

Optimization for Gym Website


A well optimized website can cause your site to appear high up in search engine rankings. Optimization for geo-targeted search queries will be very important if you ever want to capture Google traffic. Meta tags optimization, robust optimized content and having all your gym services and amenities listed out on individual pages in order to optimize your abilities for visibility will be crucial.


External SEO


If we could all launch a website and stand back for the visitors to roll in we would all be filthy rich! Unfortunately you have to provoke a website to climb in the search engines which involves marketing. Remember that this still will only work if your onsite SEO is strong.

If your gym sits in a competitive space external SEO is going to be very important. In order for a site to climb in the search engines you will have to build up the kinds of links that point to your website. Still confused? Look at it like this – you apply search engine marketing efforts to build awareness while making sure you can always try and include some links pointing back to your website.

Link building looks something like this:

  • Press release writing & distribution – links included
  • Article writing & distribution – links included
  • Local business directories – links included
  • Local business chamber profiles – links included
  • Document sharing – links included
  • Video marketing (YouTube, Vimeo, etc..) – links included
  • Guest blog post writing – links included
  • Social media marketing – links included

This is really just scratching the surface but if you are just getting started this should keep you busy for a little while. Eventually you can move onto more advanced link building techniques but for now just getting a solid foundation will help tremendously.


Email Newsletters


Monthly newsletters to every person that walks through your door and fills out an application will be important. For the clientele that is already there it will only anchor in why it is important they stay a member. You might have people on the list that were once members and left and all of a sudden decide to sign back up again because of a newsletter they received from your gym. Staying on everyone’s radar is important including existing membership.


Video Marketing


It doesn’t require a great deal of work to have someone walk through your gym with a video camera and drop it on YouTube. Every single smartphone these days has a great video camera and there are many inexpensive editing software programs out there to put a nice intro onto that video. Walk through the locker room after hours when it is clean and empty to show your audience who might not want to come and in take a tour how clean it is or how great that sauna looks. Sometimes you can even have members that love the gym conduct a video testimonial in exchange for 1 free month or services. Trust me, those video testimonials will be worth their weight in gold on the website.


Lots of Social Media Marketing


I don’t think I am the first to tell you that social media marketing will play a role in not only attracting new members but retaining current ones. Some members will become a fan of your Facebook page so they can hear what you have to say. If you project a voice and post updates regarding the gym you will see members interacting with you overtime.


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