Why Your Site Needs All Unique Content

Words are Important

Most webmasters understand the growing importance of SEO content. If your website has a blog or news area, keeping it well-stocked with new articles will keep readers coming back. Even if you have a relatively static website, you can effectively market it through third party blogs and promotional pages. However, in order to get the best possible results from your growing content base, you need to make sure to post completely unique articles that are not available anywhere else.

Having unique content:

1. Protects your website from ranking penalizations. Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines penalize websites with duplicate content. Google is particularly tough on copycats, and their recent Venice and Panda updates have targeted websites with repetitive phrasing to prevent webmasters from gaming the system by rearranging sentences or loading pages with keywords.

2. Encourages shares and improves your viral reach. Readers share content that they can’t get anywhere else. Regardless of your industry or area of focus, you can gain a steady readership and drastically improve your ability to draw in new traffic by keeping your website fresh. Google and the other big search engines also show a strong preference towards websites with a natural set of incoming links, so you’ll improve your rankings as more of your articles go viral.

3. Allows you to target a wide range of keywords. By creating completely different articles for each of your posts, you won’t be able to focus as much on a specific keyword or phrase. Instead, your content will naturally hit a range of related keywords, drawing in traffic from new sources that you might not have anticipated otherwise.

This ultimately results in better rankings for all of your targeted keywords, so you’ll create a strong foundation for long-term targeted traffic.

4. Future-proofs your website from major search engine algorithm changes. As mentioned earlier, Google, Bing and the other big engines try to craft their algorithm updates to take out sites that attempt to game their systems. Google’s stated mission is to use algorithm updates to give their users accurate, appropriate content, so the best way to future-proof your website is to create quality content that doesn’t mirror other pages or relay the same info in slightly different ways.

Most webmasters can populate their sites with fresh, unique content without overspending. Unique content isn’t necessarily a major business expense, but it’s one of your best tools for building your reader base and bringing in steady long-term traffic.

About the author:

Written by Chase Fleming. Chase is the Founder of Content Row, a site which lets you buy unique content for your website.

2 responses to “Why Your Site Needs All Unique Content”

  1. PH says:

    Google : working at Google ? why no ?

  2. PH says:

    Google : working at Google ? why no ?

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