Dynamicity of Social Media for Businesses

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Dynamicity is an essential characteristic of internet marketing. Yesterday’s best practices may become ‘Old Techniques’ overnight. The industry being so dynamic, internet marketing professionals never cease learning, unlearning and relearning. They also keep renewing their skills and knowledge base.

Some striking dissimilarities can be observed between old and new online marketing practices. Earlier, search engine promotion and social media optimization happened to be viewed separately. But in this minute, unified approach is favored more, and that’s because the approach was found to have more prospect. Unified approach helps increasing the ROI by lowering the amount of investment. If investment is less, then return will naturally increase. This is all too simple to fathom; a more complex usability of the unified approach is better management of resources and better allocation of budget.

Traditional advice from internet marketers was looking into SEO first and then, undertaking social media activities for promotion. Big businesses may avail this luxury but for small businesses, doing SEO and social media separately means more spending. So, unified approach is a more viable option for them.

One of the key findings, which come along with rising importance of SEO and social media, is social media’s support for SEO. If a business maintains effective and ethical social work, it can stay on the center of the buzz and get authentic links. Earlier, social media links were not included in the counting of backlinks. But nowadays, search engines are favoring social media incoming links quite a lot. That’s why internet marketers suggest their clients to boost presence on social media sites.

Also, search engines could directly endorse social media links. Google launched Google+ integrated searching in 2011. Its specialty was that if a user is searching something on Google while opting in to his Google+ account, then personalized results will show up on the search engine result page. Whether this attempt by Google is user friendly or not is a different question altogether. Important consideration is what difference it is going to make on internet marketing.

Common sense suggests if personalized results occur at the SERP, the focus will be on hardening the brand’s presence on social networks and in this way, majority of internet marketing campaigns would target social media channels. This assumption is not baseless. In late 2010, a report was published by a third party survey and analytics company. The report surfaced that posting videos on Youtube is very helpful for getting high ranking on search engine.

Identifying the importance of free and paid campaigns is also essential to get increased ROI. Getting success in offline marketing depends heavily on spending money. If a brand could put advertisements across print outlets, radio and TV channels, then it could reach out to a decent number of users. Internet marketing is a lot cheaper in comparison. However, that doesn’t mean paying money will hurt.

If the campaign is designed properly, if the work is carried out in accordance to that design and web design and web development resources are properly applied, then increased sum of money will surely imply better return on investment. The vital part is to spot the prospect of a particular social network for a specific campaign. That’ll help the campaign to be effective.

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  1. Estela Reynolds says:

    Useful information. Keep it up.

  2. Estela Reynolds says:

    Useful information. Keep it up.

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