Evolving Search Engine Marketing – Where Is It Heading?

Evolution is Inevitable

Change is inevitable in search engine optimization (SEO), with Google constantly changing the rules of play. With the growth in mobile search and more emphasis placed on social media to rank higher in organic search, SEO consultants and in-house marketing teams are redefining inbound marketing strategies to adapt. As Google’s algorithm continues to evolve, it is imperative for a company’s marketing success to address these changes in a timely manner.

Google analyzes over 200 different factors for ranking purposes. Weekly changes are made which tweak the algorithm. While most of these changes are relatively minor, over time they can effectively send a marketing campaign off-course if completely ignored.
Forrester’s Interactive Marketing Forecast predicts that $33 billion will be allocated for search marketing for the years from 2011 through 2016.

Shifts in Content Management

Content is expected to remain as important as it has been in the past, with a few changes worth mentioning. According to online chatter from top SEO sites like, it is imperative that the content created for marketing campaigns is detailed and worthy of sharing with others. SEO consultants and in-house management must create and implement marketing strategies geared towards social media sharing. Corporate policies must be adjusted to embrace social media as a crucial force driving search engine optimization and page rankings.

Collaboration and Integration of SEO, Content Management and Technology

According to the website Search Engine Watch, SEO in the future will be comprised of a relationship balance between social media, collaborative technology and content marketing. These changes are redefining the way company professionals organize marketing efforts and work together. Social media experts will be embraced along with content management teams. These teams must work together as a unit for best results.


There is little doubt that detailed and relevant content shared through social media is becoming the new standard for inbound marketing efforts. As new social media players enter the picture, it becomes increasingly important to embrace them, instead of writing them off as a fad in favor of more established players like Facebook and Twitter. The challenge for business management will be to make the necessary changes to facilitate the latest algorithm adjustments, or risk losing market share to competitors that are better at adapting to ongoing changes that define Internet marketing efforts.


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