How to Start a Big Article Writing Service in 4 Steps

Article Writing Service

If you love to write, good at research, and you have a good writing style, starting an article writing service is an ideal business.

It’s a business that allows you to work from the comfort of your home, work anytime you want without the supervision of a rude boss and most importantly, have control over your time.

It doesn’t  matter if you’re a real estate investor or  a painter, if you have good writing skills, you could create an additional stream of income by starting up an article writing service.

It sounds good, right? But do you know you can still fail if you don’t do it right? I don’t want you to fail and I guess you don’t want to. In this article, I’m going to show you how to start your writing service and how to market your business to land high paying freelance jobs.

Here are 4 steps to get started.


Position yourself professionally


Decide if you’re going to specialize in a niche or if you’re interested in writing on a wide variety of topics.  If you’re good at writing about internet marketing, you can position yourself as an expert writer and I tell you, getting high paying jobs is easier with this.

If you’re good at writing in any niche, you can market yourself as a skilled writer. You can also boost your credibility by positioning yourself as an SEO or all round writer.


Take up your ‘’writing hat’’ and start writing


Yeah! Start writing. If you really want to people to patronize your service, you need to market yourself. The best way to promote your business is to write articles and submit to top article directories like:

  • Ezinearticles
  • Articledashboard
  • Street articles and
  • Goarticles

You can also write and submit press releases  to top press release directories like PRWEB.

Quick tip: people need to see what you’re capable of! Therefore, ensure you include samples on your your blog.


Get your blog up and running


If you’re thinking of starting an article writing service without a blog, then it means you’re set for failure! It doesn’t cost that much to set up a professional looking blog. You can set up your website on WordPress, get a domain name,  and a good hosting package. All this does not cost that much ( let’s say 30 to 40$).


Create a strong marketing strategy


Who is going to use your service? How are they going to find you? If they can’t find you, it means your effort in setting up the business is just a waste of time. As a blog writer, one of the best ways to get clients running after you is by advertising ( that is, if you have a good budget).

You can get people know you by guest blogging, article marketing, press release, and maybe, Facebook advertising ( I make use of this, though).


What you need to succeed


What you need to draw attention to your business  is a right mindset, nice marketing plan, and a good financial budget.

Starting your own professional writing service is a rewarding experience as you have control over your time and you can work anytime you want to. If you want to earn 9 figures writing, you can do it.  All you need is a right mindset and belief that there’s nothing that’s too hard for you to achieve.


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Daniel Adetunji is a Professional Freelance Writer  at To learn more about top fashion topics, latest cars, and news about celebrities, visit

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