Importance of Google Web Analytics in SEO

Google Analytics & SEOGoogle web analytics is really helpful for search engine optimization or SEO. It helps you to understand the user’s experience after visiting your website. By taking Google analytics help you can make necessary modifications for your website so that it can improve its rank in Google and other search engines. It not only helps you to track the website visitors but at the same time lets you know different other aspects regarding your website. It gives you a proper insight about the page views in your website, individual time spend in your website, when a person left your website and many more. All these information will help you to implement proper search engine optimization strategy for your website.

Most of the internet marketers will admit that Google web analytics helps SEO. However the main question is HOW. It is true that Google analytic influences SEO campaign, but in what way?

Here are some basic ways in which Google analytic can help you to choose a particular SEO campaign for your website:

It is the best way to track website visitor: The main thing that you can get from the analytic is the visitor of your site. From the analytic report you can clearly get the number of total visitors in your site.

Importance in SEO: Now you can use this information in SEO as you can compare the visitors in the current month with the previous month. As a result you can check whether the number of visitors have increased or decreased. This actually helps you to modify the SEO campaign/strategy, if required. At least you can understand whether your marketing effort has succeeded or not.

Find Out Your Referring keywords: The referring keywords actually lists the top keywords that bring visitors to your website. You can also track which keywords are sending what amount of traffic.

Importance in SEO: By taking the help of these information you can understand where your website is ranked for these keywords. So, based on this information you can take the decision whether you need to change your keywords or not. You can also take the decision to focus on any particular keywords.

Know the Domains that Brings Traffic for Your Website: This is also called as referrer. It is another important metric that provides you an insight about the source of the traffic. In case a website is referring visitors to your site, you can know it from the Google web analytics easily.

Importance in SEO: It helps you to understand the website where you should be present. As a result this ultimately helps you to decide your link building strategy.

Click Path: This is a metric that helps you understand how user friendly your website design is. You can also judge how people exit in your site and where they stay.

Importance in SEO: This helps you refine your website navigation as well as maximize your conversions in your website.

Apart from that Google analytic helps an internet marketer by providing various other information and data about your own website. This ultimately lets you make a fruitful SEO campaign for your website.

About Author:

Alice Aires educates people about Google web analytics through her tutorials. She has spend over 10 years in internet marketing era and owns a blog where she regularly shares her knowledge on how do Google analytics help a website.

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  1. Google analytics helps to find which keywords or url are driving traffic to your website from SERP. If you can use analytics in a right way, you reliase which keywords you should target for driving more tarffic to your website.

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