Advanced Video Marketing Strategies for the New Year

Video Marketing Strategies

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The power of video marketing is undeniable. The availability of high-speed Internet connections combined with effective video compression tools has made video one of the dominant forces of the Internet. In addition, video marketing can capture the attention of those who ignore text-based ads and other popular forms of online advertising. Developing an effective video marketing strategy, however, does require some thought and consideration. Here are a few ideas for an advanced video marketing campaign.

Series of videos

Most online videos are presented as standalone videos. While great videos will still attract attention, the ultimate goal of a video marketing campaign is to sustain the attention of the audience. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to create a series of videos that will capture the attention of viewers and encourage them to check back for more at a future date. If possible, those who are engaging in video marketing should strongly consider trying to avoid standalone videos and instead focus on making a series.

Branded videos

One of the most important components of advertising is building a brand. Large companies understand this, and many of these companies run far more ads than is necessary to spread news about a particular product because they strive to create durable, lasting brand images. Those who creating online videos will want to focus on top-notch branding as well. It will take some time to reinforce a brand image in the minds of viewers, but a sustained effort can lead to significant results.

Social media community

One of the most effective ways to use videos is to leverage them to create online communities. For example, online videos can be used to drive traffic to a social media community that can eventually sustain itself. People often point their videos towards their main website or landing pages. By using videos to promote secondary online properties, a campaign may be more successful.

Guest videos

Over time, videos used in a marketing campaign can begin to become stale. One way to break up the monotony of online videos is to run guest videos. Those who already have large followings can contact those who run other popular video campaigns to exchange videos. This can allow those who are running video campaigns to tap into large audiences that have been formed from other online video campaigns. Video compression tools can also be a big help.

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