I Write in my Blog – How Come it’s not Working?

Blog Not Working

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Although many people are using their blog as a marketing tool, not all of them are making a success of it. This is because there may be a number of things that are not being done correctly when they are blogging or when they are trying to market their blog. While some things may be obvious to more experienced bloggers, those who are just starting out may not realize what they are doing wrong when it comes to using the correct blog marketing tactics.

A Poor Choice of Article Titles and Not Enough Strategic Keywords

When it comes to choosing a title for your blog post, it is imperative to ensure that your chosen title contains at least one of your main keywords. By doing this, it will stand a little more chance of being picked up by search engines when readers are searching for content on a particular topic. Before compiling a blog post, it is also important to spend some time researching appropriate keywords that will fit with the content that you have written.

Forgetting to Leverage Your Own Content

Once you have completed a blog post, it is important to ensure that you leverage it as best as possible. Put simply, this means that you should have a plan of action with regards to marketing your content as effectively as possible. For example, you may complete a blog post today, but it needs to be marketed on as many social network platforms as possible so that it can gain the exposure that it deserves. One of the more popular blog marketing tactics usually involves asking your social network followers to share the content after links to it have been placed online.

Some ways to leverage your blog post:

  • Funnel it through Facebook
  • Funnel it through Twitter
  • Funnel it through Pinterest
  • Funnel it through LinkedIn
  • Funnel it through LinkedIn Groups (great source)
  • Use the posts in your newsletter
  • Position them on internal pages of your website

Writing Content That is Flat

When marketing a blog, this is usually one of the main factors that are not taken into consideration. Readers are looking for content that is compelling and that encourages them to return to your blog. However, if you are writing merely for the sake of placing a post on your blog, readers will realize this and seek better quality content elsewhere.

Not Enough Real World Examples or Backup to Claims Made on Your Blog

One of the most overlooked blog marketing tactics is not having enough evidence to substantiate claims that you may have made on your blog. For example, you may state that there are 50,000 bloggers that blog about personal finance, but not provide any links to at least a few of those blogs so that readers can see for themselves. In most cases, readers also enjoy reading blog posts about any personal experience that bloggers may have had with regards to the topic of a particular post.
When it comes to blogging, those who are willing to put in more than just the minimum amount of effort required to market their online content will begin to see the rewards, both financially and with regards to a growing readership.

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