How To Deal With Tough Online Competition

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Nowadays many businesses are selling their products online. They have discovered that it’s easier and convenient to sell stuff through the internet than physical shops. Nevertheless, there’s tough competition in the virtual business platform and only those with fresh and original ideas can attract more clients.

Below are some tips that can be used to boost your online presence:

Produce constant quality content

The information posted on your website should be fresh, original and precise. This way your visitors would feel confident to read what you have on offer, and probably procurement. Remember to regularly update the page if there are any developments such as the launch of a new product, client incentives or price cuts. The website content should be consistent in terms of font, style, color and design.

Build links that refer to your content

The total sum of all incoming links is crucial for optimization of your website. This technique serves two main purposes which are, improving credibility and increasing overall exposure coming from viewers of the host site. It often translates to greater traffic. You can build new links through creating a promotional list. Moreover, these referrals have over the years proved to be quite popular amongst online readers. To boost your reputation, contact other websites within your field of interest telling them more about the brand’s blog post. They can link it directly to their page as a resource inventory. This means of promotion has the potential of going viral, especially if information found therein is useful and corresponding with the viewers.

Social bookmarking

Create several accounts and try bookmarking their pages directly on your blog. This may be a tedious procedure but the results are good, there are various online tools and software that can be used to make the entire process simple. Moreover, it may be good to assess the viability of subcontracting some of these duties to various renowned SEO firm for convenience. The time saved with social bookmarking far outweighs total cost of producing content.

E-mail marketing

Recent studies show that e-mail marketing is still an effective tool of brand promotion despite the existence of social media. In fact, 55% of online brands witnessed statistically significant increment in email open rates during the last business quarter of 2012. Many brands are nowadays using online marketing instead of radio or TV because it’s cheap, interactive and efficient.

Another research was done on how useful email advertisement has been on improving the popularity of sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. It was found that most of them received positive feedback of up to 70% from various email users. Nevertheless, you need to create catchy messages with interesting titles so that the person may be motivated to read what your promotional email contains.

Effective social media marketing

Over the past few years, there has been a revolution in the world of social media where people not only use it to make friends but also sell their products. Companies have found that apart from creating massive traffic for their brands, this marketing model helps them interact one-on-one with their clients thus ensuring that quality service is delivered faster.

Some of these sites offer users monitoring tools. These features are often used to know the customers perception about the brand based on their conversations about it. By making good use of web based monitoring applications, your sales group would be able to pinpoint any business opportunity that may emerge.

Social media should be made ‘personal’ but in a positive way for it to work. The secret to success is positive interaction. Don’t post plain ads that don’t add value to the reader’s life. Instead, give your viewers what they seek like useful information that would address their needs. If you make good use of social media then you may just be digging into a lucrative gold mine.

Author tags may also be used to give your content more meaning; Google gives priority to social media content with definable writer information. Once the ad is up, it’s crucial to identify those who are already sharing the information and persuade others to do the same. Moreover, studies indicate that graphical content in sites such as Facebook get more attention than standard text posts. Your brand would also be accessible through mobile phones for more visibility.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online manager for AZ Family Dental. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation. In his free time he likes to study about dental care.

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