Top 10 Ways to Drive Consistent Traffic to Your Site

10 Ways to Drive Traffic

Getting periodic traffic spike is easy. Getting consistent traffic to a site similar to,, Forbes and others is easier said than done. Most of the websites die a natural death after few months because they couldn’t do enough to get consistent traffic. In this article, I will give you 10 ways to drive not just any traffic but consistent traffic forever.

Keep The Website Updated

This doesn’t mean publishing a lot of posts daily. Search engines do love to index latest information throughout the web. If you want the site to look good in search engine rankings, update it regularly. If you are running a news oriented website, it becomes more relevant to update it multiple times. Content freshness is essential.

Easy Website Navigation

Cluttered websites drive people away. When a visitor lands on a site, the visitor wants to browse effortlessly and not get lost in a maze of text and images. Complicated navigation pointers are absolutely discouraged. Tabs like Home, Contact, Advertise, and Support should be visible clearly.

Add RSS Or Bookmark Button

If the visitor likes the site, give the visitor enough ways to return back anytime without having to remember the web address and typing it on the search bar. Add a RSS button or a bookmark button for the reader. Repeat traffic is one of the best ways to draw traffic consistently.

Build A Strong Linking Funnel

Would you choose your site to be linked with or a 3-month old blog? What are the chances of your site link to remain on for a longer duration than that of the 3-month old blog? Clearly, the first option is more feasible and will help to create a strong linking funnel. The point is to connect with authority websites that will send traffic even after many days, months and years.

On-Page SEO

Do not stunt the growth of the site by not following safe on-page SEO practices which includes things like adding keywords, good quality content, tags and internal links. If budget allows, consult any on-page SEO expert for guidance.

Online Classifieds

Adding your site to relevant online classifieds is also a good way to get consistent traffic but you have to get the site listed repeatedly. Offer products or services, create an advertisement and float it to hundreds on online classified portals.

Follow Internal Link Building

Whenever you publish something, link few words or phrases with other blog posts previously published. This way you give the reader more reasons to stay on the site and check out other content pages. However, the internal link development should be relevant. Don’t try to overuse it for sales pitch or directing visitors to affiliate products.

Focus on the Title

Instead of writing ‘best ways to make money online’, you can write ‘how to make money online with AdSense’. In this, you are giving the readers a specific reason to check out the post. Again, instead of writing ’10 reasons AdSense bans you’, write ‘Top ways to get banned by AdSense’. Here, you are using reverse psychosis and intriguing the reader. The choice of titles depends on the target readership.

Provide a Subscription Link

It’s similar to adding RSS and bookmarking link. By adding a subscription link, you are encouraging the reader to remain in contact with your site. By subscribing, the reader will get real updates of site content and visit again and again.

Get Account on Content Syndication Networks

Networks like, and and great content syndication and content curating networks. Be active on these networks and build some repute.Don’t flood it with your site links. Let people come to know about you and the site naturally, traffic will follow soon.

It is not easy to build consistent traffic. You have to work hard but the end result is worth it.

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Priyanka is a professional blogger and an internet marketing strategist. She help online marketers to generate popularity and sales through free online classifieds . Currently working with – a free classified site in India where you can search and post free classified ads for promoting your business to larger scale.


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