3 Implications Your Guest Post Content Must Suggest Without Saying

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That’s great! You have a prepared a guest post and are going to show the world that you have something to share. You have also decided to join the thousands of people who guest post every year. Will you be a part of the 10% of writers that actually contribute new information, great content, and posts that advance change and development in your niche, or will you be a part of the 90% of writers that contribute to the internet content crisis that has led to the many changes of Google’s algorithm? Whichever team you decide to work with, there are three implications that your guest post should portray to your reader, more specifically the website directors you pitch your posts to. If you stick to these suggestions below, you will find yourself a part of the 10% team, contributing great content to the blogosphere and hopefully having opportunities to guest post later down the road.

#1 – I’m the expert, and you’re the student.

If time could repeat itself and the internet personified could go back in time and redefine what a blog is and the credentials necessary to be able to blog, there is no way the internet would choose to look the way that it does today. If it was the internet’s choice, there would be a clearly defined line between a professional blog and a personal blog. “Either you are contributing to the growth and development of the human mind and existence, or you are sharing stories and experiences that help bridge literature from poems, short stories and novels to a blend of everyday adventures and lifetime testimonials that would never be published without public forums,” the internet would have arguably suggested. “Even online encyclopedias would have more scientific proof rather than collective, communal input.”

Unfortunately the internet cannot be personified and redefined on a new foundation. At the end of the day, we the writers are responsible for the health and greatness of internet content. It is up to you, whether you are an expert or not, to share the information you have to share as an expert. This should be shown through the topics you cover, the changes you are recommending and the knowledge you provide. If you cannot act as a leader in your niche for one post, then the post should not be written. Teach us, master!

#2 – I’m a pioneer in my niche and I’m going to help take it to new heights!

Just because you may have new or great information does not mean it must be correct! It should be in terms of research, but if we knew and understood everything, there would be no room for growth. Pioneers may not know where they are going or why they are going there. Even though you may be presenting a revolutionary idea, you may need to rely on the growth of that concept over time to help perfect it. You must understand that you are a person that is adding to the outline of the niche you are within. By sharing your knowledge, ideas and understanding, you will lay the foundation for those who will take your ideas deeper and further.

You do, however, need to bring innovation to your niche. If you are talking as an expert on the subject and contributing new ideas to your niche, then you are providing a guest post that is of great value to the blogosphere. At the end of a post, a reader should not be able to look back and think to themselves that the post didn’t enhance their knowledge or enhance their life. A reader needs to feel as if they just got a taste of your niche’s main leader or pioneer, a person dedicated to becoming a part of the fellowship of individuals leading your niche to perfection, persuasion, or understanding.

#3 – I’m an English major, but I’m still cool.

Dude, you need to use proper English. Alright Bro?

As a writer you must be able to portray your thoughts in a manner that is systematically written with proper syntax. There is no other way to write. It does not matter at the end of the day if you have an e-book explaining the intricacies of the string theory; you need to write it well. Grammar errors, misspellings, and improper language devalue your content to that of an average writer in the industry you are no longer capable of representing honorably.

There is nothing more frustrating for someone who wants to enjoy your post when they find themselves having to figure out what you meant to say or have to change words around to fit the sentence properly. The focus then gets shifted from what you are actually saying to a grammar correction project. You must make sure that you have proofread, edited and reedited as if you were writing a letter to your English teacher in grade school.

One other very important approach with your English is to stick to American English. You may have beautifully written sentences and can portray the content in a way that makes you a pioneering, English-majoring expert on the subject, but since American English is spoken by two thirds of native English speakers, it is the form which is influencing other forms of English the most. Since two thirds vote is required to legalize an issue in most cases, American English wins.

Do not catch yourself writing any more blog posts without taking the approach of embedding into the language and content of your post with these three keys that will open up more opportunities for growth in the future. The goal today is to make sure that all of your guest posts are being commented on, shared, discussed, and rehashed down the road when developing the subject deeper and to open up new guest blogging opportunities. Make it count!

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