10 Steps To Successful Youtubing


Every minute, over 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. With such a massive volume of content, it can be difficult to get your channel out there and build an audience. Despite the challenge, it is still possible to grow your channel and become a successful YouTuber – perhaps even to make money in doing so. You only need two things: Determination and know-how. If you can provide the hard work and commitment to growing your YouTube channel, then following the top 10 tricks to be a successful YouTuber below will give you the know-how to reach your goals.

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  1. Have a Niche: If you want to build an audience then you need to have a plan. Ask yourself, what types of video do you want to make? If you are interested in making Vlogs, comedy sketches, or gaming videos, it’s better to stick to one type of content, at least in the beginning. This way you can perfect your videos easier, avoid the classic “I didn’t subscribe for these types of videos” problem in the comments sections, and get followers. Later, if you want to, you can set up a different channel or introduce new types of content slowly to see the reaction from your fan-base.

  1. Brand Your Videos: Just in the same way that advertisers brand their products in a way which makes them memorable and enticing, you need to take the same approach with both your videos and your channel. Come up with something to say at the end of your videos, a catchphrase that people will instantly connect to your YouTube output. Also, ensure that you have a professional looking banner for your channel page and a water mark which can appear on all of your videos. Brand everything and viewers will be thankful that you take your channel seriously.

  1. Know Your Competition: Take time to research your competitors: People who are making similar types of videos. Adapt the ideas that work, but above all else try and have your own style or approach which differentiates your from the thousands of others offering similar content. This way you will not be accused of being a copycat which can damage the reputation of any YouTuber.

  1. Use Your Annotations: YouTube offers the ability to annotate your videos with messages and links. To build your audience, place annotations on your video to make sure that your subscribers can easily click on a related video on your channel, showcasing your content and broadening your view count.

  1. Make Friends With Analytics: Each channel on YouTube now has access to a range of data which allows you to know which videos are working and which are not. You can quickly identify the type of content people are engaging with through likes, watch-times, and comments. Focus on creating more of this type of content to capitalize on your successes.

  1. Make a Brilliant Channel Trailer: Those who are not subscribed to your channel will be greeted by a channel trailer which showcases what you do. Take time to make something fun and engaging. Sell yourself to your potential audience!

  1. Featured Videos: Just like Facebook does with post promotion, YouTube allows you to pay a little bit of money to get your video featured. This will guarantee that a large number of people see your video. Make sure to pick something that you think people will click on, otherwise it will be a waste of money.

  1. Interaction is Everything: Obviously if your channel receives thousands of comments it will not be possible to answer each one, but, especially in the beginning, it’s important to take the time to show people that you are reading their comments. They will be much more likely to engage with you further as a result.

  1. Use Social Media: A YouTube channel lives and dies by the number of people who are aware of it. Use Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to promote your channel in other venues. It’s also a great way to interact with fans.

  1. Consistency is King: With so many videos being uploaded, viewers will quickly forget your channel if you don’t keep yourself fresh in their minds. Make sure that you upload regularly and people will be far more likely to return to your content, not to mention that consistent uploads lead to new subscribers discovering your videos.

Building a YouTube channel from the ground up can take time, but if you follow the tips and keep at it, you will develop your audience and expand your reach. Good luck!

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Melissa Wanger is a freelance Internet marketing specialist and a writer at She has a solid background in social media, ancient history and cryptography. Now she is pursuing a PhD in integrated marketing communications.

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