10 Mistakes That Can Hamper Your Blog Success

Being a Successful Blogger

So you know that effective blogging can get you the desired traffic. But do you know that there are a few blogging mistakes that can actually restrict your growth? Like any other internet marketing tools, blogging can be influential enough and get you the desired visibility. But, have you seen the other side of the coin? Blogging mistakes can also slower results. Let’s talk about the most common 10 mistakes that can hamper your blog success. Here are they :

1. Blog Post Headlines that Do Not Work

Readers find too many posts online daily. The headline is the first thing that will come to their attention. This is where you need to make a different move. Your headline should be brief yet effective to convey the main message. If you choose a headline that does not talk to the customers, they’ll not even bother to see what’s there in the detail.

2. If You Never Link to Your Other Old Posts

Never lose a chance to rank higher. Don’t abandon your old posts thinking they are of no use anymore. By linking to the old posts, you can get the desired keywords you want to rank with and also get lots of traffic.

3. Don’t Care About Linking to Other Bloggers

If you think outbound links won’t do any good, that’s not right. Many influential bloggers are out there who love to connect with the talented newbies. And when you connect with them, you get traffic back to your site through an active conversation. But yes, by conversation we mean meaningful contribution. Other bloggers will also join you if you can offer valuable contribution or share knowledge.

4. Not Knowing the Importance of Comments

Who cares? You’re making a mistake if think blog comments are not important. Invite others to leave comments on your post. If visitors feel like leaving comments, that means they find it engaging or interesting anyhow. Leaving comments is a good way to attract more and more visitors. It proves that your post is valuable.

5. You Pick Topics that Nobody Care About

What’s the use of it? Why choose topics that do not have to do anything with the mass. People will not look for such topics on the search engines. So the chances of visibility will reduce. Do you get it? It’s the basic. When it’s true that too many resources about the popular topics are already available online, it does not stop you from being an explorer. That means you can dig deep and focus on some more critical aspects about the same topic.

6. Don’t Rush for Regular Blog Posts

That’s another mistake you must not repeat. There is no need for publishing posts daily. If you think by making daily blog posts you’re going to retain your visitors, that’s an old formula and may have an adverse effect instead. Don’t publish posts that have nothing to contribute. That’s a waste of time and space. Your readers don’t want anything that does not cater to their requirement. What you’ll do with such useless posts?

7. You’re Not There on Any Social Media Platforms

If you are still not on the social media platform, it’s high time that you join the prominent ones. Facebook, Twitter are a few that can’t be overlooked. These social media sites will give your post an additional boost. You’ll get visitors from these sites.

8. You Publish Very Less

When you don’t need to publish posts daily, it’s also true that very less numbers of posts on your blog is also not favorable. If you’ve very less numbers of posts on your blog, the blog won’t be able to make a prominent place on Google.

9. If You Only Focus on Increasing Word Count

It’s not true that by increasing the length of the posts you’ll make it to the top. The bests of the posts are comprised of 450 – 500 words. So it’s not true that only word count matters. Rather focus on offering a powerful message.

10. If You Write a Weak English

Your English should be clean and human readable. If it’s not, readers will lose interest and back off. Your posts must be able to hold a reader’s interest. Weak English and lots of mistakes can’t do any good. So these were the main 10 mistakes that can hamper your blog success. Refrain from making these mistakes if you want to see a smart and steady growth.

Don’t lose hope and try to maintain consistency. It might take a little time in the beginning to show some good results. But it’s very important that you don’t give up.

Author Bio :

Jason Smith is an online marketing strategist for Mr. Rooter – Plumbing Leak Specialist. He likes to blog about recent updates and tricks to boost business through digital marketing.


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