10 Tips for Marketing Your Small Business with Social Media

Small Business Social Media

Social media websites are becoming increasingly popular across all different age groups and demographics. This is good news for you as a business owner because it means that no matter what type of business you might run, there is a way that you can benefit from marketing your business on all of the most popular social media websites.

Here are ten tips that can get you started with marketing your small business with social media:

1. Join Several Sites – Nowadays, a lot of people use multiple social media platforms as a means of both connecting with old and new friends and learning more about various businesses and organizations. By joining several popular sites, you can expand your reach and can spread the word about your company to a huge audience.

2. Create Your Profiles – Taking the time to create great profiles for your company on several of the most popular social media websites can be a bit time consuming, but it will be well worth it because this gives you an opportunity to tell more about your business, share information about it and point people toward your company’s website or blog.

3. Make Connections – One of the most important parts of social media marketing is making as many connections as you can, so start trying to connect with people who might fit into your target demographic group and who might be interested in the products and services that you offer.

4. Post Often – People see posts on their social media pages all day long every day, so failing to be active and not posting regularly can make you fall behind. Therefore, it’s great to post as often as you can on these sites; once a day is great, and you can post even more if you have something interesting to share with your audience.

5. Use Pictures – People love pictures, and it’s easy to get great pictures with your smartphone or an inexpensive digital camera. Take pictures that are related to your business, that showcase your products and services or that just introduce the members of your staff. You might be surprised by just how much these photos can make a difference.

6. Try Using Video – More and more websites and social media profiles are starting to use video, and a lot of the people who are doing it are seeing great results. Therefore, you might want to try using video as a means of getting views and intriguing your audience.

7. Try to Go Viral – Going viral simply means sharing something that all of your followers will want to share with their own followers, family and friends. So, try to introduce interesting, informative or just plain funny content that everyone will want to spread online. This can bring forth an immense number of followers.

8. Be Careful Be careful about what you say on your company-related social media profiles. If something could possibly be seen as offensive as others, avoid posting it at all, even if you think it is interesting or humorous. It is definitely better to be safe than sorry because offensive content can really backfire on you, whether you meant for it to be offensive or not.

9. Interact – Interact with your followers and people on your social media websites as much as possible. People love communicating with various businesses and business owners, and communicating on these sites can make you and your company seem a lot more likable. You should even respond to complaints, questions and more as much as possible.

10. Don’t Give Up – Just because you don’t see a huge following or response right away doesn’t mean that you should give up. It can take a while to build up a strong following and to see a major response from your social media campaign, but the payoff will be worth it if you are willing to be a little bit patient.

Following these ten tips can make you savvy on social media websites and can provide you with the followers and traffic that you have been searching for without costing a lot of money or even taking a lot of your time and effort.

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Ken Myers is the founder of & has learned over the years the importance of focusing on what the customer is looking for and literally serving it to them. He doesn’t try to create a need, instead he tries to satisfy the existing demand for information on products and services.


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