5 Marketing Graphic Design Secrets From the Pros

Graphic Design Secrets

Graphic design is more than just making a pretty advertisement or winning logo. This field is also not restricted to individuals with advance degrees. Brilliant design concepts can be created by companies and webmasters without obtaining additional schooling. By using some basic tips, newbies can start figuring out some of the best kept secrets of graphic design.

Beauty Takes Second Place

Gorgeous websites and pretty logos are great, but they will not create sales. The goal of a website is to give visitors a tour of the site. Customers need to be able to visit different pages with ease and discover points of interest. Although a beautiful design is appealing, the website has to be designed in a user-friendly manner.


Some of the latest tricks to grab readers involves using Internet memes and infographics. Images from Infographic World or similar sites are great for finding infographics. The best graphics convey a message, but are easy to understand. These catchy images are then shared by readers on social media sites. Before long, this type of activity becomes viral and the website receives an influx of visitors.

Money Matters Less Than You Think

The old adage says that people get what they pay for. Although this is sometimes true, a good website and design does not have to be excessively expensive. Some graphic designers prey on unwitting website owners. They charge exorbitant costs that are not necessary for the actual project. Before hiring a graphic designer, individuals should figure out the budget that they can afford and pick a designer in that price range. In addition, individuals should look at examples of the pages that the designer has made in the past. If the past work history is the right style and the budget fits, the graphic designer is the right person for the job.

Consider Branding

Website design is not just about pretty pictures and a good layout. The best graphic designers use the site to create a specific brand. Each page is designed to represent the brand identity and appeals to a target market. To do this, the graphic designer has to be told more about the company’s marketing message and values. With the right information, they will be create a website that appeals to the target customer.

Psychology Matters

McDonald’s and other restaurants use to design their storefronts with red. This was done because studies showed that customers were hungrier and ate faster when the color red was present. Website owners need to use studies and psychological techniques to obtain and retain customers. The best graphic designers understand how a specific customer thinks and how they can use this information. By doing this, the graphic designer is able to create a website that captures and holds the reader’s attention.

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