5 Things Your Website Says About Your Business


Most people don’t realize this, but your website is going to be a key selling tool for your business. For a good proportion of your customers this will be the only real interaction that they have with your company. You therefore want your website to tell your customers everything about your company. On this page I want to run you through five things that your website will tell your customers about your company.


The quality of your website will showcase how much you care about your company. If your website looks shoddy or has not been updated in a while then the company will think one of two things. Firstly, they may believe that you are no longer in business. Secondly they may think that since you are putting no investment into your website then there is a good chance that you are going to be putting no investment into your products and services. Do they really want to purchase from somebody who is neglecting their company? Honestly, it is far better to have no website than one which is poorly designed!


Your website is obviously going to showcase the amount of experience that your company has. For example, people are going to be on the look-out for how well you describe the services that you have to offer. They will also be on the look-out for your portfolio and the like. Basically they want to get an indication of whether you are up to performing the job or not.

Products & Services

Obviously your website is going to showcase exactly what you have to offer in the way of products and services. I say obviously, but there are plenty of companies that take a long time to show what they have to offer. In fact, they hide their products and services deep on the site. Most website visitors are never going to get there. You want people to know everything about your company the second they land on your site! If they don’t then you have lost a company. Think of your website as a selling tool.


The style of your website is going to say a lot about how you interact with your customers. If the look and style of your website is too corporate then this may put people off who are looking to interact with people on a personal level. Honestly, very few websites need that corporate look (unless they are strictly B2B). I suggest that most companies opt for a more casual design if they want to be inviting to the casual customer.


Your website is going to showcase the overall brand of your company. From the first look people will get an indication about whether your business is professional (for example an accountant or even a lawyer), it may even tell them whether you are a more casual company. The look of the website will show how you do business. You don’t want a casual looking website (i.e. packed to the brim with colors) if you are looking to deal with customers in a professional manner. This will just scare them away.

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