What’s Making People Quit Facebook at a Rapid Pace?

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Hi there! I’m sure many of you might be wondering as to whether there has been a decrease in Facebook users or am I just mistaken with my interpretation. Well, if you look at the statistics, you’ll find as compared to the 39.0% decrease in Facebook users, the current year 2013 has witnessed around 62.0% fall in Facebook account holders. This amounts to nearly 50% increase in the count of people who’re quitting Facebook. While the reasons for such astounding stats range from practical scenarios to the existential ones, there are people who’ve cited account maintenance stress as the sole reason behind leaving the very popular social networking website. Today, through this blog, I’ll be making you aware about the real reasons behind the decreased usage of Facebook.



Reason #1


Baseless disturbance caused due to add-on social media

If you’re an existing Facebook user then you must be well familiar with the overwhelming nature of the site. The overpowering features such as business-targeted ads, Instagram pictures and shared articles leave very little room for real socializing between friends/colleagues/relatives. This unwanted interference caused due to such social media makes people irritable, wondering as to why they’ve created an account on Facebook? I’m sure you too might’ve got frustrated watching the product ads, articles links etc. which continuously pop-up towards the left side every time you switch to new pages in your Facebook profile.




To Avoid Anxieties resulting out of posting sensitive information

Creating an account on Facebook expects you to manage it on a regular basis. This directly points towards the fact that in order to stay an active Facebook member, you need to post every minute detail regarding your day to day activities. Doing this emerges as a mess when you’re confronting major setbacks in your life. For example, if you’ve lost your job, gone through a breakup or failed in your college exams; posting details on Facebook will just cause you a whole lot of anxiety. So, as an attempt to avoid such a psychological disturbance, many people prefer to part ways with Facebook.




To conceal incriminating facts from new as well as existing employees

Nowadays, almost every employee prefers to do a background check for a candidate before hiring him/her. Facebook is the medium that’s been chosen for doing this. Irrespective of Facebook’s privacy tools, it becomes hard for the candidate to hide his/her incriminating details from the potential employers. It’s at this point of time when the candidate thinks about leaving the social platform for ever. So, if you too are looking forward to protect your future job and don’t want your past deeds to interfere with your glorious future, quitting Facebook will be your best decision.



Facebook entails oversharing, ruining an individual’s privacy

Constant sharing of pictures, text etc. makes it difficult for the people to hide their personal details. A majority of Facebook lovers never care as to what they’re sharing and whether the shared photo/text is actually strengthening relationships or simply diminishing an individual’s image and damaging his/her relationships. Considering this threatening feature, most of the Facebook users have chosen to quit the site for their own good.



Facebook encourages more connections that usually turn to be shallow

I can guarantee you that once you create your profile on Facebook, you’ll actually receive friend requests from people whom you might have never even seen in your rarest dreams. Well, yes, with Facebook, you get a chance to scale your friends count but it’s just a shallow friend list that you maintain. What’s the point of being connected with people you hardly know about. This is plain wastage of your time and efforts. Do it if you’ve the time and patience, else leaving the social network platform is what you may opt for.



I’m sure after going through the list of reasons jotted down above, you might be wondering as to whether Facebook has a future or not. So, clearing the air, I’d like to update you that different people use Facebook for different reasons and it’s not that a feature which hurts you will hurt others as well. So, I’d like to recommend you to analyze your expectations from using Facebook and make a well informed decision.


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  1. Kevin Smith says:

    Reason #1 I have no desire to locate, chat with, come in contact, with anyone from my past who I do not want to see or hear from ever again!!!

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