Simple but Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Better Start-up

Social Media Kick-Start

Social media marketing is the fastest way to create awareness about you, your products or services, through various social media. The ultimate goal of any social media marketing campaign is to generate traffic to a website, increase the visibility of a product, gain more social media followers or get more customers. Plunging into social media for the first time can be a big challenge for marketers or business owners. Having an effective marketing strategy, however, can give you a decisive edge and social media is an easy and affordable platform if you do it right. Here are simple social media marketing tips for a better startup.

1.  Decide which social media platform works for you

Oftentimes newbie’s tried to work on every social network under the sun and try to grow each of them. This is the biggest mistake that many beginners do and give up quickly without getting any benefits.

The best way to find out which platform works best for you is to check out your competitors and analyze where they have success.  Check out the number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Google+ followers, etc they have.

Let us say that they have around 75,000 Facebook fans but only 10,000 twitter followers then this shows that Facebook works best for you than Twitter.  It also indicates that you can quickly have success with Facebook than Twitter so you can invest your time more efficiently on Facebook rather than other platforms.

2.  Install social media widget

Install a social media widget on your site. This is the best place to find followers. By adding a widget, it will be easy for your readers and friends to vote or comment on your post than strangers. Placing a widget next to your post can do great wonders. For example, a user visits your site for their plumber and if they find the like box widget there, they may click on it and become a fan instantly. Widgets serve as a tool for converting loyal customers into part of the social media audience.

Facebook Like Box Widget

Facebook’s widget generator and Twitter’s Tweet meme badge are easy to add to your blog.

3.  Frequently test your buttons and widgets

Find out which social media profiles offer good results, then, remove the rest. For example, if your site does really good with Twitter tweets but hardly ever gets voted on Pinterest, then remove the Pinterest button.

Most of the sites are often crowded with tons of widgets and buttons. Having too many widgets at the end of each post only disturbs the reader. Start testing which buttons is getting clicked and remove the buttons that are not used at all. Social media experts recommend having only two or three widgets on each page.

Tools like Google analytics will show you which buttons are useful. Goals tool will show you who’s clicking what.

4.  Don’t annoy your followers

Another mistake that business owners make with social media is that they use it mainly to promote their products. If it’s something you personally hate, avoid doing it. Your social media goal is to be helpful to people first. Talking too much about yourself or your company will deter more fans than it endears. A person who talks only about his company often annoys people around him and even a friend of him would still find him boring to talk to. Instead of always talking to your fans about the organization, ask the customers some interesting questions about the brand or other topics. Interacting with fans on social network is a great way of building a brand-loyal community amongst a company’s customers.

Try adding useful links to industry articles, offer tips, create FAQs and engage.

5.  Post relevant and interesting content regularly

You hear this one all the time because it’s true, Content can do lot of things. If your goal is to promote your brand or stand out from the crowd, you need to create content with an interesting story to get you there. You need to research to find latest news that the audience will find relevant. Don’t wait to hear something that is worth posting, by that time, your competitors might have finished the job of posting. You should put efforts in searching for the new information and make your blog the spot for people to return when they want to know about the latest in the industry.

Here is a Google Analytics video discussing content grouping.

Also, by sharing relevant and quality content you can get more re-shares, more visitors to your blog and under some conditions more customers as well.

6.  Don’t forget to reply

The common mistake that business owners and marketers make is that they forget to reply to all questions, feedback and comments left on the social media platform. If you don’t respond to reader’s comments regularly, then most likely they will not follow you and this is the reason for a decrease in the number of fans or followers.

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I am Lina Ryann designer, speaker, educator, blogger and writer. I love to write on technology, social media, marketing etc. These days she is busy to contributes on getamplify

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