Why Google+ is Critical to your Digital Strategy

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The use of Google +1 button has become a part of the newest search engine optimization strategy employed for digital marketing. Not only does the +1 button can become significant in improving your online presence in the digital world but it also promotes your authorship while it delivers your SEO efforts a significant boost in reaching a wider audience. Internet marketers are using the Google +1 to promote and share their content within the social media community. The Google Plus can become a strong source of communication about your products and services while building an effective social internet marketing presence of your business.


Relevance of the Google +1 in digital marketing


The Google +1 button widely appears across the Google search result pages, Google Stream and on different websites.People use the +1 button in order to save, share and promote contents that are found on the search results.  Atlanta search engine optimization services uses the button in order to promote page authority where the goal is to get more people to click on the Google +1 button to signal the search engine that a particular web page has an engaging content that internet users find worth sharing and saving.


The use of Google +1 has a meaningful impact in digital marketing. By using the Google Plus Circle it is easier to conduct an audience segmentation where you can gauge which of your social circles can be potential leads for marketing. From the segmented audience from your Circle you can also spot the most influential to whom you can link and associate your business in order to reach a wider audience to market your products and services. By leveraging on Google +1 it is easy to find your target audience to whom you should focus your digital marketing efforts.

The search engine optimization value of Google +1


More than just a social media platform the Google +1 also has an SEO value that digital marketers can use in their marketing campaigns. Atlanta search engine optimization companynotes that the use of Google Plus can has an impact on a website’s search ranking. The use of the +1 button across your web pages can entice your content readers to click on the button which sends a good signal to the search engine and in effect grows your website ranking and traffic.  The search engine crawl your web pages frequently and the use of the Google +1 on your content builds your authorship authority to the search engine.


Your website social signals and online popularity grow when more people are sharing your URL to their Google + profile. It also brings more targeted traffic that can give your search rank a boost. The number of shares about your content using Google +1 can also build your link equity which is essentially valuable in search engine optimization.


Another notable feature of the Google +1 is that it helps in your SEO efforts as it optimizes the relevance of your business website for semantic search. Posts shared using the Google +1 appears with its own URL and it accumulates internal links in every post shared within the social media community. The first 45 characters of a post are also included as part of the title tag which helps in promoting the semantic search value of every post shared in Google +1.


Maximizing the Google +1 SEO value


Google +1 has the objective of providing high quality content publication using the social media channel. Digital marketing strategies can leverage on using the SEO value of Google Plus to build a strong website presence and a better social media marketing positioning. Notable are the efforts of Atlanta internet marketing services in developing more targeted digital marketing campaigns using social signals coming from Google +1 with the following helpful strategies to grow your authorship in making your business relevant within your target industry.


1. Optimizing your Google Plus profile for business


Brandignity Google Plus


Your Google Plus profile will play a significant role in promoting your business among your target leads. Make sure that your profile will reveal as much information to your target audience and give them something impressive to convince them that your business is legitimate, trustworthy and accessible. Make sure to complete all the entries required by Google including your website URL, business description, contact number and other relevant business information that your potential customers will want to know.


2. Integrate the Google +1 to your business web pages


This is the easiest way of encouraging your website visitors to share your web page content or to talk about your business in their own social media profiles. With the +1 button ready for them to click it will give your audience the convenience to easily share your business web page to their social circles.


3. Optimize your social extensions and business site


Make sure to associate your business site and social extensions to your Google Plus account. Your social connections will be able to clearly connect your social accounts to your business site which also helps in growing your authorship and business reputation on the process. Your Google +1 can also be connected to your Adword campaigns in order to grow your business popularity across your marketing circles.


4. Leverage in using the Google +1 to build authorship


It is an advantage to your business if you are able to grow your authorship across the social media platforms. Using the Google +1 button will connect all your posts across the web to your authorship which will eventually grow the number of your followers. With more people following your authorship the better trust rating you get from your target customers, giving your business credibility a boost on the process.


5. Create a Google Plus page snippet


This strategy is still connected with building your Google authorship to promote your business credibility and trust rating. It is common for a social media marketing company to encourage this strategy in promoting content to your business website. Creating a snippet of your Google Plus profile will drive better traffic to your posts and business site as the snippet will reveal your photo beside the content of your posts in the search results while showing the number of people within your Google Circles. In effect, having your photo shown alongside your content will remove anonymity of the author which promotes professionalism and the same can easily attract more followers to your posts.

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