Graphics, Images and Videos: Are You Winning the Content Marketing Game?

Content is Awesome


Most marketers talk about engaging media and fresh content for attracting website visitors.  After all, content marketing is a huge buzzword in the business world, because it’s so effective for retaining a website audience. Interesting content not only compels your visitors to come back, it also encourages them to share your content, making them brand evangelists for your business.


However, with all the ways to engage your audience, it’s easy to get confused, just tossing together an array of pictures, blog posts, tweets and videos without any rhyme or reason to the overall plan.  By now, most perceptive business people understand it takes a variety of platforms and media to generate conversions and accumulate a large customer base. What they don’t understand is how to combine all the elements into an effective marketing campaign by looking at the big picture, which is the consumer. Are you winning in the content marketing game?  If not, perhaps it’s time to consider the consumer’s needs and wants before you create and publish your marketing content.




A number of studies show positive results regarding user engagement when pictures complement text.  However, web masters and publishers need to consider a number of elements regarding use.  In addition, publishers need be knowledgeable of copyright laws and infringement.  Online piracy pesters artists who hold the rights to content and associates who lose money via free use without paid and released rights.




In addition to images, publishers need be aware of copyright laws as they apply to video content.  Conversely, small businesspeople orchestrate in-house or third party produced videos to demonstrate skills (plumbers and gardeners) or feature products (jewelry and golf equipment).  A number of nuisances, impeding browser engagement, include needing to download an add-on or tool to view content or experiencing poor quality of sound and sight.


Paid Usage


A number of sites offer content to users who borrow video or pictures to use on their own sites.  While having ‘something’ to stimulate viewers and site browsers is encouraged, consider the investment in originality, seeking the help of professional writers, graphic designers, etc.


Multi Screens


Your business’ landscaping pictures look great on a laptop, but sometimes, those seeking offered services, use smart phones and mobile devices to shop for such vendors.  Unfortunately, your pictures are scrunched and cutoff; potential consumers lose interest, and your business, subsequent revenue and advocacy.


Testing Multimedia


Be aware of the potential of content.  Content designates pictures, videos, comic strips, etc.  Rather than invest in professional-grade in-house equipment or professional specialists, test your target market.  For example, sneaker consumers may enjoy other visual stimuli, including art pieces, sculptures, etc.  Those who seek garden supplies may also enjoy watching videos on house repair and maintenance.  Engineer offered content to satisfy a target market.


SEO Services


Consider seeking SEO (search engine optimization) services regarding content implementation; because, aside from marketing sentiments (how to attract consumers and get them to convert), publishers need to ensure content is indexed by popular search engines.  Technical needs are inextricable from successful online marketing.


Content marketing is just a buzz term unless you can utilize opportunities at hand to provide better value to consumers.  Consider what varieties of content resonate with target markets and seek the best methods of providing original and stimulating videos, pictures, blog posts, Q & A sessions, etc.


The competition is probably using content, but not well.  Beat them at the content marketing game, playing smarter from the beginning.


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Robert Smith appreciates the digital marketplace. He enjoys discovering and refining effective approaches to online marketing for today’s modern consumer. Visit the for more professional promotional ideas.

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