6 Best-Kept Tips to Organically Boost Instagram Followers!!

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Making an account on Instagram is quite easy. However, getting started on Instagram necessitates a consistent use and interaction with other people. Receiving followers organically requires a lot of time and hard work.

Although gaining followers isn’t easy, following some of the below-mentioned tips may help you to organically gain Instagram followers:


1. Always share relevant, humanized pictures


Social media is all about connecting with your audiences. Posting personal, humanized, and relatable photos is a key to success behind most of the famous Instagram accounts. Try to share pictures with which your audiences can emotionally connect. Sharing pictures of current activities, behind-the-scene shots, inspiring scenery, etc, can be the best way to connect with the audience emotionally. If you are successful in drawing some sort of emotion in your audience, they will like your pictures, comment on them, and follow you for more great pictures.


2. Endorse your Instagram


These days, most brands are cross-posting their Instagram content to Facebook. Since, Instagram is part of Facebook, every time you capture or like a photo, that story can be shared out on your friend’s Facebook feed. This will not only help your brand get more exposure but will ultimately provide you with more followers on Instagram. Instagram has the feature to auto-follow or find all your Facebook friends within a few seconds. Moreover, connecting your Facebook account makes it easy for all your friends or network to find you easily.


3. Share often and filter your photos


Sharing frequently is very important to gain followers. Each new post can help you bring new visitors to your account. If they find that your account is active, there are huge changes that they hit the follow button. Furthermore, making use of filters, one of the great featured offered by Instagram, can beautify and make unique each of your photos. By creating breathtaking, stirring, or impressive pictures, people are more likely to connect with your photos and may follow you to see more beautiful pictures. Just remember to share your pictures at the right time, which can be either in the morning or in the evening to yield maximum engagement results.


4. Use relevant and popular hashtags


To get more exposure, you must always hashtag your photos whenever you post them with relevant or popular tags. People often search for hashtags on Instagram on particular topics. Adding one or three hashtags per photo will increase the opportunity of your photo to be found and interacted. The more people discover and interrelate with your photo, the more likely they will look into your Instagram profile and follow you for more interesting photos.


5. Follow others and like their photos


You must do the same if you expect people to engage with your posts or like your pictures. Try to engage more and more with other’s photos. The more active you are, the more chances you’ll have to get exposure of your username or account to the owner and the owner’s followers. However, please don’t overdo it. You can comment on other’s photos, which is an effective strategy in the long run.


6. Give importance to your followers’ feedback


Never overlook the importance of heeding the feedback from your existing followers. They are taking out some of their precious time to comment on your posts, which means they care enough about your brand.  You must also listen to their feedback. More engagement will give you more exposure and more potential to get followers.

To sum up, Instagram is a great social networking platform for sharing your photos worldwide. If used properly, you’ll be able to gain many organic followers to your Instagram account.


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Christopher, a professional author and blogger, is sharing some important tips on getting more followers on Instagram. He has good advertising experience through Instagram so he is pleased to share some important guidelines with other users. For more info, please visit

One response to “6 Best-Kept Tips to Organically Boost Instagram Followers!!”

  1. Carl Dirkenson says:

    Agree with you. But as I see it became more difficult in attracting new audience. And it takes so much time that I could fly to Mars without any spaceship and come back. As a solution people use apps. Even my elder sister uses zen-promo as I remember. I can’t deny it’s bead because it works well and finds real followers. It’s a help we need. But the question is why do we chase this number? Ok, I understand if it’s about business and money we do everything to get more but usual people? To feed ego? I guess so. If you have 100 followers or 100k followers just enjoy that you have them and you can share with them awesome moments as they can do the same. But we lost that and now we run after soulless numbers. Shame and sad

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