5 Ways a B2B Business Can Get Traction on Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing


Most businesses these days understand the power of social media marketing. However, a recent study found that only 1% of businesses use Pinterest, the visual content-sharing site that is quickly growing in popularity. For a business looking for new avenues to take its B2B online marketing to, marketing on Pinterest is a largely untapped resource waiting to be utilized.



Pinterest Lets you Redefine your Brand


While it may not have the legacy of older sites like Facebook, Pinterest has a vast, quickly-growing audience that is hungry for content. Because Pinterest is largely built around sharing visual content, it provides the perfect forum for posting pictures, videos, and infographics that can then be widely disseminated. The site is also a great place for reposting articles, blogs, white papers, reports, press releases, and other online content you’re already producing for your B2B online marketing. Using this material for Pinterest marketing will net it an even bigger audience than before.


Posts on Pinterest can be Keyword Optimized


Pinterest revolves around the use of “pins”, which allow users to post content they like on their own personal “boards.” Not only can these boards have keywords attached to them, but so can the individual pins. When you “pin” your content, you can add keywords relevant to your business and the individual posts. Because Pinterest works much like a search engine, (in that users search the site by keyword to find posts), this allows businesses to make the material they post on the site easily searchable under the terms they want.


It Easily Converts to Referral Traffic


B2B Pinterest Referral


Much like how Pinterest makes finding content simple by allowing keyword optimization, the site also makes it easy to convert your Pinterest audience into referral traffic. Each “pin” on your board can also have a URL directly attached to it, making the main site easily reachable. Pinterest also has what are known as “rich pins”. These are different posting options for different type of content. For example, an article pin allows you to include a headline, author bio, and summary for every article that uses that type of pin.


Pinterest Boards Appear at the Top of the Search Engines


One of the benefits of having your content become popular on Pinterest is because the site’s popular “boards” often appear very high on search engines. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites that content stays contained just to the sites themselves, Pinterest marketing material has a good chance of being found by online searchers who have never visited the site before. B2B online marketing performed on Pinterest has a much wider reach than many other online marketing methods when there is some strategy applied.


Create Easily Sharable Content


Taking the time to do Pinterest marketing will also give you a large amount of content that can then easily be posted to other social media sites. Pinterest is designed to make its content highly sharable. When a user pins something to one of its boards, they are automatically given the option of posting it to Facebook and Twitter as well. By using Pinterest, you can create a central online hub of B2B online marketing material that can then easily be spread across all your accounts, making social media marketing that is much less time consuming and easier to coordinate.


Expect to see Pinterest become a more and more popular marketing tool in the near future, as more businesses realize the potential for Pinterest marketing to expand and revitalize their B2B online marketing efforts. The businesses already taking advantage of the site are the first to reach a potential goldmine of resources to help them get their content in front of their target customers.

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