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With the growth in both the size and capabilities of the internet, business operations, and marketing in general have become infinitely more complex. Customers and employees alike expect prompt resolution of problems and instantaneous access to information when and how they want it. While it essential to have an online presence and engage with your customers on various levels through social media, online chat and other similar avenues, there are essential aspects of business that never go away.


Keep your customers happy

The backbone of any successful business is marketing: the ability to effectively communicate your value to others. While the scope of marketing has changed drastically over the ages, a successful campaign there a few core competencies that every business should try to build upon. First and foremost is effective customer service. Satisfied customers help build your business and dissatisfied customers can have a tremendously negative impact on your business, particularly with the wide use of online review sites like Yelp and Google places.


How can happy employees join in?

The same could be said about satisfied employees. Employees who have bought into the company mentality and direction are much more likely to translate that attitude into effective work. It is the managers’ responsibility to keep the employees motivated and invested to keep those employees, and your clients, from leaving. Both client and employee attrition can represent significant costs for businesses. This being the case, turnover should be avoided as much as possible.


Here are some examples of how other brands turned employees into brand ambassadors:



Don’t blame it on a dynamic landscape

Despite our best efforts to maintain consistency however, things are constantly changing: new technology, new techniques, new infrastructure and so on. Some might say that the only thing that is consistent is change. However, I would argue that there are elements any successful business has that don’t fall away with any amount of change or time. Proper execution of these key elements should be a priority for your business.


How important is communication?

Effective communication should be high on the priority list for any company. This core competency extends to all aspects of business: client relations, employee satisfaction, corporate strategy etc. I would go as far as to say that communication is the most important aspect of any business.


If you can’t communicate your company’s unique value proposition to your prospective customers, then you won’t be able to sell your product or sustain your business model. If you can’t communicate your company’s direction, the singular opportunities it provides or its commitment to employees, then you will find it difficult to attract and retain quality employees as well.


Good company culture is important

When it comes down to it effective branding is what will help sell your product; both internally and externally. Good branding starts with happy employees. Culture will be formed whether you take an active role in it or not. However, taking an active role in creating the culture of your company can have an exponential effect on other aspects of your business such as employee engagement, customer service quality and increased retention of both customers and clientele.


The small things can make a big difference in this regard. Sometimes all it takes is an effective leader to see these initiatives through.


The core tenets of business won’t disappear despite the rapid advancement of technology and the change of business forms and forums. Companies will always provide service, employees will always be required to make that happen, and customers will always need different goods and services. Therefore communication, effective external/internal branding and savvy business practices will always be rewarded.


Author Bio:

Kirk Kerr is a marketing expert and entrepreneur. A recently college graduate, he is passionate about his startup venture and helping others to pursue their passions and professional goals.

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