The Impact of Technology Advancements for Communications

Business Communications


Can you imagine how you would conduct business if every aspect of it were recorded with pencil and paper? Technology has brought many innovative and efficient devices to the business world allowing owners and employees to get more done while spending less money to do so. With each passing year, new developments become available that increase this efficiency further than before.


Communications Technology Is More Efficient

Instead of a multi-lined traditional phone system, networking, and computer advancements allow individuals to communicate through Internet connections. In the past, business telephone conferences were held in large rooms, allowing everyone to communicate over the speakerphone. Face-to-face meetings are still generally regarded as preferable. But if that scenario isn’t going to be convenient due to scheduling issues, conferences can be held while employees are out in the field or otherwise offsite.


Voice-over-IP technology allows for a greater selection of telecommunications without being tethered to the local phone company. This ability breeds competition, driving service fees lower for communications. To differentiate services, companies offer services such as file sharing and remote VoIP access to receive business calls on your personal smartphone.


Efficient Business Practices Save Money


Moving to a Paperless System


Depending on the kind of business you operate, it’s feasible that you can do so without purchasing a single sheet of paper. You can develop a sustainable business model without using consumable products thanks to email receipts, digital signatures, and document sharing through the Internet. This saves money in terms of ink, paper, hardware, and time while providing digital backup and recovering important documents.


Moving to Virtualization


Virtualized networks save businesses tens of thousands of dollars annually by integrating Internet access with applications and operating systems. Instead of purchasing servers, network storage devices, software, and protective hardware, many businesses operate by streaming information directly from a data center.


These facilities offer less upfront costs to the network infrastructure and provide an excellent disaster recovery plan in the event of an emergency. Instead of worrying about data stored in a business server during a fire or flood, the information is saved off-sight, allowing businesses to continue functioning even if the business office itself has been compromised.


Online Business and Sales Continue to Increase


Retail eCommerce Sales Could Double by 2018


According to Manaferra, the online purchases of retail goods reached $910.3 billion in 2023. This is almost double the $263.3 billion in sales for 2013. As more organizations realize the importance of online commerce, the market continues to expand. This has paved the way for new business ventures based around warehouse efficiency and shipping systems to revolutionize how things are packaged and shipped. Amazon is already testing the use of drones to provide same-day shipping. This gives consumers more selection for purchases than what’s available in the local area. This also provides a greater scope of business customers, even if the establishment is in a rural town.


Social Media Marketing Proves to Be Effective


Social Media and SEO Marketing Sites offer many possibilities for targeting specific individuals. In some situations, you can target users by his or her biometrics when developing advertising. This may greatly increase the likelihood of making a sale. These metrics could include age, gender, location, and more.


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