Content, Content, Content – How to Use It to Improve Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing Tips


Today the majority of people completing Google searches are not looking for a splattering of information on a variety of topics. They are typically looking for something that answers a specific question, something that is clear and concise, something visually stimulating. Site visitors want a positive user experience.

And of course, they should get what they want. Nothing is more frustrating for potential customers than entering a website with the hopes of answering a question or receiving a service and only finding low quality content.

Roughly 78% of chief marketing executives believe custom content is the future of marketing. Specific, informative, useful information is the name of the game. Here are a few tips to improving your website’s content to increase both visitor satisfaction and the likelihood of them returning a second or third time.


Know your audience and where it will go


Having a firm idea of the types of people that are likely to come to your site in the first place may seem obvious, but it is an overlooked objective surprisingly often. Who are the main groups of people that stop in to check things out? Create content that is relevant to them and will hold their interest. If you’re marketing high end fashion accessories to women, chances are they are not going to be impressed with off-kilter blog posts about microbreweries.

Also consider what else this audience is likely to be interested in. Would these women be the type to visit ‘mommy blogs?’ Discovering additional locations on the web where your target audience is likely to visit is a huge advantage that can open a lot of doors for publishing your content.


Create content customers want to see


Some web designers think of content as ‘any old thing’ you can place on a website quickly with little time put into making it worthwhile. The content you create should be something you’re proud of. Put effort into it and make it interesting enough that consumers to want to see where it came from. For instance, if you want to create content in the form of an ebook, spend time to work out the coding process so it is more than a PDF link. Great pieces of content such as this can be self-published on Amazon for profit.

Another exceptional way to create great content for your site is through the development of in-depth, well coded material such as infographics or interactive infographics. These pieces of content-filled glory provide great visuals to accompany the topic you’re describing in an informative, bite-sized manner. Highly interactive infographics, like Truckpocalypse, are likely to be shared out, which creates more opportunities for site traffic and places your site as an authority on the information provided.



Don’t wait for potential customers to come to you


Publishing your content outside of your website is exactly what you should be doing. Having relevant information on your website is great, but if nobody knows about it then you have wasted your time. Many blog owners are willing to allow you to publish useful content on their website where all of their viewers can see it. If your contribution is good, it’ll spread through social media quickly and likely increase your website traffic.


Use software to discover what else has worked


Chances are, if your competitors are publishing their content in a specific location then you can be too. There are some really incredible software tools out there, such as Moz, that enable you to identify where competitors are already. Determining this can give you ideas as to different markets you can try in order to get your name out there.

Furthermore, using social media websites can also make it easy to determine where your competitors have an edge. Follow them and take note of the things they are tweeting to see if you can take advantage.

Implementing these strategies can greatly improve the quality of content on your website and make visitors feel satisfied with their experience. Additionally, using your great content to reach out can greatly increase the amount of traffic that your site sees and help you to avoid big marketing flops.


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