Redesign or Not? Things to Consider Before You Overhaul Your Website

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All good things must come to an end… or at least get a redesign. So is the case with your business’s website. If your business is stagnant or has plateaued, or if traffic to your website isn’t where you want it to be, it is time to start reevaluating your brand, your products and marketing tactics. You don’t necessarily have to go back to the drawing board, as you may only need a little tweaking to get things charging up again. But how do you know when your website needs a little refreshing? How do you redesign it to where it actually makes a positive impact?


When You Shouldn’t Redesign


Ying yang is the balance of good and evil, of yes and no, of should or shouldn’t. And in this case, it is important to first ask why it might not be a good idea to redesign your website at this time, or at least what features of the website don’t need redesigning. Reasons to redesign vary from improving search engine rankings, boosting product sales, gathering leads, fixing conversion rate problems and driving up social engagements. One of the most important no-no’s to understand is redesigning your website without having your content nailed down first.


You can dress up your website as much as you want, but it’s the content that actually sells. You might find that you only need to change certain things on your website and can avoid a major overhaul that would cost time and money. If you’re looking to shake things up, go for a new look or to improve on your website that has flatlined, hold off until you know for sure your content is where you want.


Pulling the Redesign Trigger


With a website redesign project, you have to evaluate everything. It’s sort of like evaluating your work wardrobe. You pull it all out of the closet before you start deciding what to keep and what to toss.


Create a comprehensive list of what’s important to your website and what information is a must. If you’re a business that has a diverse audience, it’s a good idea to have your website set up so that you’re guiding the right kind of people to the right kind of page on your website. It’s important visitors can easily find what they need on your website. Any outdated or old pages should be discarded while the rest should be reorganized.


Anything you add that is new should back up your long-term goals for your company. Your IT and graphics team should be on board as to what those long-term goals are, as well. In the case you don’t have such a team, hiring an online web builder is the next best thing. Sites like can guide you to the right company to help you with your website redesign. The site rates each website builder, both by the site and from users.


Search Engine Optimization


To improve your search engine performance, a site audit on your current website is a good idea because it will help you pinpoint flaws or limitations that you can be sure to fix on the redesign.


During the redesign, it is important to test your site at various stages to be sure your site will be SEO friendly.


One of the most important steps in your redesign is determining which keywords or phrases people are using to find your business’s products/services. This will ensure a better SEO rating.

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