How to Improve the Quality Score in Your Google AdWords Account

Google Quality Score
high quality score in your Google AdWords account can carry you to the top when it comes to online marketing. Google uses a very complex set of algorithms to determine your overall quality score, but there are a few ways to simplify things. Here are some ways to improve the quality score in your Google AdWords account.

A Great User Experience


Your Google AdWords quality score is all about the quality of the keywords in your content. These keywords should ultimately provide the end user with a high-quality experience. For example, if a visitor types “chocolate cupcakes” into the Google search bar, sees your website offering chocolate cupcakes, and then clicks your link to buy those cupcakes, Google considers that a high-quality user experience and it raises your overall quality score.


Conversely, if the user only saw your keywords “cupcakes” or “chocolate” next to your competitor’s ad for “chocolate cupcakes”, then that user will likely choose your competitor’s advertisement. Google ranks your keywords accordingly, and if it finds that other websites’ keywords are more relevant than yours, your quality score drops.


Is Your Content Related?


One of the fastest ways to lower your quality score involves having keywords, ads, and website pages that do not “mesh”. For example, if you advertise for automobile detailing and you include keywords about automobile detailing, but your landing page has absolutely nothing to do with automobile detailing, then Google will assign you a low quality score. This is because when the user clicks your ad, he or she expects to see information related to auto detailing. If the landing page content is irrelevant, it causes user frustration. This drops your quality score, which in turn prevents Google from showing your advertisement to those who use the same keyword in the future.


To combat this, make sure that your keywords, your ads, and your landing page mesh. If you are going to advertise for auto detailing, make sure that your landing page is also about auto detailing, and be sure to use that term at least once in order to meet quality goals. Attempting to “cheat” Google by incorporating non-related keywords into your ad will only result in a lower quality score.


Boost Your Click-Through Rate


Google uses more than 100 separate elements to determine your overall quality score, and while it is impossible to know everything about all of them, you can start with the biggest and most important elements. Largely, the best way to improve your overall quality score involves boosting your click-through rate, which describes the number of people who access a link to your advertisement.


Think of it like this: Google puts your advertisement up in front of millions of people every day. This includes not only Google, but also AOL,, and other similar sites. If Google puts your ad up repeatedly, but no one clicks through to your site, Google will start to lower your quality ranking. Thus, if you want to make sure that your quality score is high, it is imperative to make your advertisements relevant and interesting. You need people to visit your site to maintain a high quality score, so make your ads not only relevant, but also interesting to the viewer.


Experiment with Different Keywords


Finally, much of your quality score also comes down to the overall relevancy and popularity of the keywords in your ads. For example, if you sell printed t-shirts, then your ads may change over time to fit trends. To boost your click-through rate even more, consider experimenting with different keywords by incorporating them into your ad copy and then running them at the same time as your existing ad.


For example, if your current ad is “buy Halloween t-shirts”, but it is not getting you the volume you want, try “buy scary t-shirts” instead. Then, come back in a few days and see how your new keyword compares to the old one. If it is better, shut down the old keyword and then wait to see if your quality improves. However, do not change your ad copy keywords too frequently; it takes time for Google to index+ them and too frequent changes can have an adverse effect on your quality scores, too.


Overall, remember that improving your AdWords quality score gives your ads more visibility. The higher your score, the more often Google will show your ad to consumers who enter the relevant keywords. By following the tips here, and by doing the research necessary to remain relevant in your industry, you can become a true authority, no matter your niche or industry.

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