How to Transform a Niche with Viral Content

Viral Marketing


Not every business has exciting content available to them which they can share regularly. If you are in a niche where the content is dry and factual or if you feel it has all been said before, how do you get your audience not only interested in what you have to say, but also willing to share it?


It’s all about the Visual


When people are scrolling through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter it is predominantly images which attract their attention; make them want to find out more; and hopefully even go that further step to share the image with their friends or followers. Images get the most attention on Facebook, receiving over an 87% interaction rate from users of the site.

Whatever your niche, you can usually find images or take your own photos which will engage your followers. Try to approach your subject in more of an innovative way than the standard stock image, as people react more positively  to images which are real and true to your business, even if they aren’t perfect.


Spicing Up Statistics


Presenting facts or statistics visually can be one way to attract attention and to make the reader want to pass the information on to others. Let’s take agriculture as an example. Farmers are rarely on social media spreading word about their industry as they simply don’t have time. However, the facts behind their niche are pretty interesting and let’s be honest it can be mind boggling when we see the figures change in front of our eyes, such has how many liters of milk have been delivered or the number of sheep there are in the UK. This infographic from Farm Machinery Locator demonstrates this perfectly and is an ideal platform for the message to get shared widely.


Behind The Scenes


Another way to create engaging content, whatever your niche, is to allow your followers glimpses into the background of your business. Social media is all about connecting with real people. Therefore, why not introduce your team and tell people some fun facts about them. For example, one of your team may be an accountant by day but do your potential clients know that he enjoys bungee jumping in his spare time. This makes your workforce and therefore your business relatable and builds trust with your audience.

If you run events, team meetings or can provide glimpses of what happens in your workplace on a daily basis this can also add interest. Maybe you don’t feel that the process of how you make something is all that interesting, but it’s often these small details which your audience will love, especially if you can throw in some fun statistics along the way.


Add Humor


You may believe that your niche is a dull one but a humorous marketing campaign can liven up even the driest of subjects. When you are sharing information on social media always remember that people are there to be entertained. You want to share the benefits of your product or service but try to do it in a memorable way so that when someone needs what you have to offer, they will remember your business. Humor also adds a touch of reality and again makes your business seem more relatable.

If you want to make your posts go viral you need to always remember that the cornerstones of great content are that it should inform, entertain or educate. If you can combine two or even three of these elements in one post or status update then the likelihood that the item will get shared increases dramatically. This holds true for the most exciting of niche areas through to the most mundane, so approach your subject area from a new angle and you have every chance of success.

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