Customer Psychology Must Play a Part in Your Social Media Strategy

Pyschology of Social Media Marketing


You’ve created your business profile and are ready to post content. But what kind of social media marketing content should you post that gets your audience interested? To find out the things that attract your audience, you need to keep customer psychology in mind. Without understanding their mindset, you can’t plan your content.


Here’s a quick video with some folks discussing the psychology of social media a bit deeper.

The Importance of Understanding Customer Psychology


Emotions are important for developing long term customer relationships. When we handle your social media marketing campaign, we try to build bonds instead of driving pure sales. We understand what they’re thinking and provide them the kind of content they want. This way, we create strong and long-lasting bonds.


Your consumers are humans, and they think not just practically but also emotionally. When your campaign touches their emotional aspect, it will have a better effect for the brand value. It is often seen that when there is a huge competition in a certain industry, customers make their decisions based on emotions.


If you’re already running a social media marketing campaign, make sure that you understand customer psychology. Positive emotions linked to your brand can drive in huge ROI.


People take several decisions based on their emotions. Emotions are the elements that keep us motivated to go that extra mile to achieve our goals. If your marketing managers are on a different wavelength, your social media campaign cannot be a success.


As social media marketing experts, we understand that conversion is a process and not a single moment. It needs the entire social marketing funnel, and can’t be defined in a particular timeframe in which a customer committed to a sale.


At Shout, our priority is to develop long term relationships. Of course, sales are important, but they come later. The focus of present day marketing should be on building relations with customers.


We engage their senses.


The heart of social media marketing lies in quality content. This needs imagination and creativity. We create content that engages their senses. This type of content doesn’t have to be complex or expensive – even a simple soundtrack can leave a lasting impression on your customers.


We build a brand personality.


Personalities are unique to people. We love/hate people because of their personalities. Can your brand have a personality of its own? Yes, it can. Your brand personality can be anything you want – serious, fun-loving, professional, or a combination of various characteristics. We create a unique personality for your brand and make sure all posts reflect this personality.


And we do all these things without being cheesy – we welcome feedback, we are honest, and we remember the preferences of the audience. We are able to create viral content because we understand that emotions make things go viral.


We help customers develop emotional bonds with your brand. This is done by delivering them the right content by understanding their mindset. No social media marketing campaign can become successful without connecting with the audience on an emotional level. At Shout, we are passionate people who understand this fact and make sure your customers fall in love with your brand.


Check out this cool infographic from the folks at



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