3 Steps to Effectively Use Social Media For PR

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The overlapping of social media and Public Relations is undeniable. Leveraging social media and digital channels, therefore, should be an indispensable part of any up-to-date PR strategy.


How to Use Social Media for PR?


You can establish your brand’s personality online and watch its popularity grow. Unlike traditional media, it allows you to create long-term connections and brand storytelling. The direct contact with prospects allows you to leverage sales with unprecedented immediacy. Here are three efficient ways to tap into the social media power house and boost your PR.




Limiting your social media to Twitter and Facebook is an approach that will not get you far. You should spread farther and wider than that. Establish yourself as an owner of a niche across many web platforms. Additionally, you also need a destination to which you’ll draw users. Build your follower community outside social media sites, using them as a net to attract prospects. Don’t forget to connect with influencer users. Those people can be contacted to promote your product with their followers. This includes bloggers, YouTube product-reviewers and other active users with follower communities.


Commit Long-Term


Take the time to work your way into every niche out there, building your momentum slowly. A loud “bang” works fast but is often forgotten even faster. Create resonating content diligently, publishing on a regular basis to keep your momentum growing. An avalanche builds up slowly, from many small rocks tumbling one after the other, bit by bit, until there are enough of them to collapse a mountain side. Create content that people will love to share, what is called “referential” content. Such content generates more interest and creates organic reactions.


Use the SEO Connection


SEO permeates the web and social media. It has the capability to greatly amplify your social media PR efforts. Always integrate keywords in your social media posts, used in titles and as hashtags. This is easy to implement and the boost it gives you is huge. Use a keyword glossary for this, to keep things consistent and effective.


This is not the only ways of how to use social media for PR, but is definitely the cornerstones of any efficient approach.


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