Crucial Website Features Every Startup Needs in Order to Boost Early Growth

Startup Growth


Many people think that once a website has been created to promote their latest startup venture, their job is done. However, there are some important factors to consider that will help ensure that a startup will be successful. Below are a few website features that need to be present in order for a startup to enjoy the online success that it deserves.



Great Design


When it comes to having a great design, too many people think that this only involves the overall appearance of a website. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are other design-related aspects that are far more important than the site’s general appearance. For example, is the website easy to navigate, or do users have to spend too much time searching for the information they need? Does the website load quickly and is the overall design clean and uncluttered? It is also crucial for business contact information to be prominently displayed at least once on the site.




Google’s recent algorithm changes have meant that all websites that do not cater for mobile or tablet users will not feature very high in search rankings. In many cases, they are no longer featuring at all. As a result, having a website design that is 100% responsive is no longer a suggestion; it has become one of the most crucial aspects of the design. Before a startup’s website goes ‘live,’ it should ensure that the chosen template or design has been fully tested on a range of platforms such as Apple iOS, Android, Windows and as many other platforms as possible.


Don’t believe us? Read these:



Solid Branding


It cannot be stressed enough that branding is one of the most important components that are required for a startup to enjoy the fastest possible growth levels. A successful brand will be one that delivers a clear message about the products or services that it provides to clients, while also connecting emotionally to its target audience. In addition, a brand that is solid will not only be able to motivate buyers to choose their products or services over those of its competitors; it will help reinforce a sense of loyalty among clients as well.


Here are some great examples of start up brands that put a solid emphasis on design and UX:



Social Media Presence


The days of setting up a social media page on Facebook or Twitter and sitting back and waiting for followers to find the business in question are over. Instead, it is essential to be as active as possible online. One of the best ways to do this is to engage with followers and fans on a regular basis – preferably a few times a week at least. This can be done by posting information pertaining to the startup business and its offerings and ensuring that any questions that fans may have can be answered as quickly and honestly as possible.


Incorporating all of the above mentioned aspects into the website of any startup company will go a long way in helping it to become successful and boost growth levels as quickly as possible.

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